Monday, April 1, 2013

{Easter 2013}

Our Easter celebrations were nothing short of amazing! We were left at the end of the day with one tired family!  As you know from this post, I had way too much fun packing Landon's basket full of super festive goodies.  I am sad it's over.  It seems the holidays always go by way too quickly! Mike and I were so blessed to be off the day AFTER Easter.  I don't like going to work the day after a holiday.  I feel everyone needs a day of rest after the holiday, because it's so busy the day of :).

The night before Easter we spent some time rough-housing and dying Easter eggs....I love eves of holidays.  There is so much to look forward to!  I took only 2 pictures on our Easter eve and originally uploaded them to Instagram. Here they are:  Landon was wanting to play with his grandpa and cousins too!

On to Easter day, we went to church at 9.  It was packed! After that it was back to my in-laws for some celebrating.

Prepare for some super cute and way too many pictures of my cute little Easter bunny's very first Easter!

So out of all the fin stuff in the basket - take a gander at what his favorite thing was....

THE GRASS, PEOPLE! If I would have known all he wanted was grass, I could have saved a lot of money on his Easter basket. He was obsessed with it...then he did finally get into his basket.

...after the grass-capades of 2013.

And took a look at himself in the mirror with grandma Schumer {I'm almost positive in this picture he was thinking of ways he will pay me back when he's older for putting him in these bunny ears...and leggings....}

Then we came up with the brilliant idea to get the triplets and Landon together for a they would all jump onto the couch and smile.  To put it nicely - it was a shit show. I'm going to share some Easter realness, people.  These are the out-takes from that idea.  We were missing 9 cousins in this photo.  Imagine if we had to coordinate 9 more! Granted, these are the youngest of the 13. I laugh writing about this, we were all laughing and all acting silly behind the camera to try and get all their attention & laughter at once.

Outtake 1 - Landon Meltdown Fest 2013

Outtake 2 - A blur of Goofy flying through the air.  Maybe this will make them smile?

"OK, Dad's just stay on the couch with them..." Max Meltdown, Landon unhappy, but better

That's a wrap!

We then went over to my aunt's house for Easter on my side of the family.  Just as entertaining!

In this photo Marlie - instead of saying "cheese" was saying "princess" and Lucey was giving me the stink eye for trying to take a picture of her....

Folks, meet my awesome grandpa! Love this guy

My mama got me my Easter basket in an egg, but of course! 

With the BEST kitchen candle in the whole world {and a pretty cute shirt that I'm sporting today}

Cousin Marlie & Landon

Uncle John & Landon

When we got home it was still nice and light out, so we decided to go on a walk.  The perfect Easter if I do say so myself! 

Check out those baby blues that I am still in awe of every day!