Friday, August 23, 2013

{Favorites Friday}

I'm going to start doing a favorites Friday. All the things that I think of through the week that I like. Sounds fun, right? This on my quest to blog weekly! 

1. That pumpkin spice lattes are officially BACK at Starbucks! Or Starmoney as my friend Courtney and I refer to it. I do have to say though, ever since about 2 years ago, my favorite drink at SB is a caramel apple spice in the fall! It's steamed apple cider. And is served year round, but isn't always on the menu-you've got to ask for it! 

2. Pat at Children's Mercy. I think maybe Pat should be at number 1 this week! Our Landon has been super sick this week. Monday I left work early to stay with him. Tuesday and Wednesday he started to get better. Thursday he took a turn, and Mike ended up staying home with him that day and took him to the doc. Ear Infection. Ugh. Thanks for blessing us with your presence. I thought we would never Thursday, he's sleeping in our bed and wakes up at about 11:30. Hot. Sweaty, trembling, hot and red. I panicked, and immediately took his temp. 104. Yikes! I stripped him down gave him cold milk and a cool cloth. Mike and I both had our shoes on when we gave Landon some Tylenol, and then I got a call from Pat {all hail Pat from Children's Mercy} who was our saving grace that night. Totally calmed me down and gave me some great tips and encouragement that this is/would be fine even though it was scary. So awesome! By the time I got off the phone with her Landon was laughing with Calvin and Mike in the bedroom and I felt much better. So scary the first time your little baby gets a fever that high, but with people like Pat in the world the bad is not so bad. I'm drinking a glass of wine for you right now, Pat. Well, now that this one is about you, we'll just say I'm drinking it for you... Bottoms up! 

3. Halloween PJs! Ok I love PJs, jams, jammies, pajamas. Whatever you call them, I love them! I bought Landon these two sets of jams for Halloween. I can't get enough of festive PJs lately {or a cute diaper tush in a 2 piece jammie set} I'm sure there will be plenty of festive jams for Christmas too...just like there was last year. 

4. Target Cartwheel App - money saver. I literally feel like I could hit target at least every other night! It's basically on my way home, so if we need milk, bread, anything. I just quick stop there before I go home. I already have a Target RedCard. NOT a credit card {we are proud to say, we have not one credit card}but its linked to your debit card and gives you 5% off every time. Score! The cartwheel app lets you add items that you want to buy as deals in your "cart" then when you go to Target, they just scan your barcode and all the discounts are applied! It's free & there is no reason not to use it :) Go forth! 

5. Victoria's Secret. Kind of. So we are headed to Florida at the end of this week.  And I always buy bottoms of swimsuits, but mostly dispise matchy matchy swimwear. I would rather buy the bottoms and find a top to match it in a solid color. So I bought a couple cute swimsuits overseas in Scotland. One is matchy but super cute, and the other is just a high waist navy suit with white polka dots. So I just needed to find a white swimsuit top to go with it. Not.So.Fast.Girlfriend. I waited way to long to go shopping for a white bikini top. Ugh! So I go into Victoria's Secret. Nothing. Not a scrap of swimsuit in that place. I contemplated buying a bra top. No I really didn't, but now that I'm thinking about it I should have. I had to order online on the VS website. It said it would arrive on 8/29. That's basically when we leave. So when it appeared in my mailbox today, I was super stoked! Victoria's Secret FTW {for the win}

Enjoy your week, see you next Friday from an airport probably :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{home shopping}

Because we are beginning the preliminary stages of finding a new home -  by preliminary I just mean looking daily for what is new on the market - we have a pretty good idea of what we do and don't want in our next home.

Some of the things that we probably won't budge on: that its near the schools that we want our kids to go to, has a neighborhood pool, at least a 2 car garage, and a front porch {please}I would LOVE to have white cabinets too! It just looks so clean, but I would settle on a house that didn't have white cabinets because I can not so easily make them white :). Ideally, we would need 4 bedrooms. One for Landon, one for us, one for another babe & then we'll have the last one for either a 3rd child or a guest bedroom. Whatever God has in store for us ;) 

Either way, I have faith that when the timing is right we will find the perfect home for us & our family. 

I uploaded this photo to Instagram the other day of a newly listed home that I fell in love with online!

Completely redone on the inside and absolutely beautiful! I know because I peeked in the windows like a creep. Don't worry, no one lives there. The outside could use a touch of work because it was a construction zone for a while, and I would probably get a new front door, something like this would be perfect! It had a fresh coat of paint on the outside, and was the absolute perfect home on the inside. And it was a serious steal of a deal! 

We said no, because a) it's not assigned the schools that we want b) no neighborhood pool. Darn! Someone is going to get a great deal out of that house! Lucky duck! 

My husband assured me that we will find exactly what we want and have no regrets two years down the road that we didn't buy a house with a neighborhood pool or that we didn't buy in the Staley area. That's why I love him, he bring me back to reality :) and I have to say I totally agree with him. 

On the note of what I have in mind, here are some photos of the style that I like from my Pinterest board 'Our Forever Home':





You think I like wood floors? via

Bright & airy!! I know not a lot of homes around here look this way. I am seeing tons of homes in this area with dark wood cabinets, which are pretty, but I love a good white, clean kitchen look! I know the style of home we like and won't settle unless I know we can customize it to our my taste {let's be honest, Mike could care less as long as it has a man cave} even if it takes some DIY projects along the way... 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

{fall ponderings}

I hardly get time to blog anymore with a super busy, fun, mommy-loving 13 month old, but I love when I get to!

My all time favorite time of the year is quickly approaching, and I couldn't be any more excited than I am! What is it with me? I have festiveness coming out of my eyeballs lately! I think I've said it before and I'll most likely say it again. It is one thing to celebrate the holidays for yourself, but when the joy of a little one lies solely in your hands, you can't help but go a little overboard. Can I get an Amen? 

I can't wait to go to the house out south that I was always taken to when I was little that has copious amounts of Christmas decorations on it! We would always go there every Christmas when I was younger. I had a childhood to be envious of, and I hope my kid{s} can say the same thing some day. 

All this Christmas talk, but I really wanted to talk about what's first on the calendar...FALL!

For me, fall begins after Landon's birthday is over {July 6} or really his birthday party...I know it's not technically when but definitely Labor Day is the beginning of fall 100% for me. It is that date when I don't feel the slightest bad about burning my 1000 autumn scented candles, pulling out the boots and sweaters {even though it probably still is steamy here in KC}, putting some crockpot meals in the crockpot {Crockpot = Fall for me and I pretty much only use it in the fall for some reason??}, drinking my fall yummies, although I get excited about all these things long before that date approaches...

This fall, we are exited to take Landon out to Deana Rose Farmstead with my dad and step-mom so he can see all the farm animals. I hear its super cute in the fall with pumpkins and haystacks all around! Love. 

We also plan to go back to the pumpkin patch with my in-laws and all the grandkids {Landon has 13 cousins on that side - 5 of them are within a year of him and 3 of them are triplets!} they will have so much fun growing up together. Anyway, we do an annual trip to the pumpkin patch, and this year Landon will be way more active than he was last year so it should be pretty fun.
I mean, I hope he's more active than he was last year....looks like he had a good time right??? At least we did? 

I'm hoping to also go to the apple orchard! We always went when I was younger and also went and picked out our own Christmas trees every year!
Possibly this fall we can make it out to Louisburg Cider Mill in Louisburg, KS To try some of their famous Apple Cider and apple doughnuts. I've never turned down a doughnut! Especially a festive apple one!  

I know they all look the same but they're all oh so different and special in their own way!

Also I plan to try out this Fall Sangria that I pinned last year and never made:

Wine, Champagne, apples, pears, cloves and a brown sugar rimmed glass.  Hello, Fall in a, wine glass. Yum!

And in the fall foods department the special will be apple slices on a stick a la this pin! I'm thinking white chocolate and graham crackers! 

 I luuurve Pinterest - Feel free to follow my fall board & all the other ones for that matter

Landon will of course be dressed for the season in some goodies that I got for him overseas in Scotland and I'm just certain BabyGap will outdo themselves yet again. Although I am getting sad that he's almost being forced into the toddler size. Ugh! The baby clothes are way cuter {and he's not a toddler HE'S MY BABY....}. On that note, a while back I posted a pic on Instagram of all the goodies we brought back for Landon {yikes}! We went a little overboard. I said "Landon needed his own suitcase to come home and he wasn't even there!". 

That striped shirt on the right is a fall purchase from Scotland! And it's got denim elbow patches! What?! Who can resist a tot in elbow patches? In the fall? Not me! Eat him up! 

If you don't follow me on Instagram {look up kaileyabozarth}, you definitely should! I probably post an average of 2 pics a day and I think they're fun pics. I LOVE INSTAGRAM! Such a positive group of people and I love seeing others food/drink/ideas 😍

More often than not my posts are about my favorite food/drink of the moment...

Sometimes we take pics of Landon being funny....
Sometimes we do selfies - or OOTD posts {Outfit of the day}
This pic is from March I think...I would like to add that we are the proud parents of a NO Binky baby! He sort of gave it up on his own at about 11 months! Lucky!

A small sample of my over 1000 pics on there. I'm click happy! So what?

On another {still exciting} note, and because this started out as a home/nest blog after all, Mike and I started talking about moving out of our house into a bigger one! So exciting for me to think about, of course I have downloaded the Reece & Nichols, Trulia, annnnd the Realtor apps on my iPhone and am checking them out daily. It probably won't be for another year or so, but its still nice to see what's out there. I feel blessed to have the house that we do. I get so many complements on this house and its so homey, we have really made if our own. It will be sad to leave our "baby" {as in housebaby...}but we are excited to move on, when the time does come.

Happy Fall, Ya'll! I hope you can squeeze in as much fun festiveness as I plan to!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Landon's {first birthday}

We had planned for this party for months and it was everything we dreamed it would be and more! When you have a child and they have a birthday, you want to make them feel so special! It is their day after all. It was a joyous occasion for us as parents because WE MADE IT! We made it through the first year. We made it through sleepless nights, tears from time to time (baby and mama), a couple of trips to the ER, spit up, temper tantrums, diapers (if you know what I mean)...but of course we don't celebrate just the not so fun side of parenting. 

We also celebrated that every day of ours begins and ends with this sweet baby boy. We look forward to seeing him so we can see the fun new things he can do everyday. We talk about waking him up when he's asleep because we want to snuggle (although we have tried this before and it goes over like a lead balloon-so never again). We cheer when he does something good, like bringing mommy the book so she can read it to him, or going to sit in his big boy chair, even when eats we just sit and watch him, because he's always so smiley and enjoys eating! This year has been a roller coaster, but one that is high up, because there have definitely been more highs than lows. Parenting is such a rewarding job, and I can't imagine my life without this ONE year old in it 😍.                              

Party pics {mostly details}