Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{weekend in pictures}

This weekend, I basically took no pics. Not on purpose, just didn't even cross my mind. I snapped a pic of my milk with a festive V-Day straw on Saturday morning. I have been drinking Landon's milk & I've never been a fan, but lately I just love it!

Mike had to work late on Saturday so it was just this dude and I. Sprinkle church, brunch, a visit to the park and a great movie in & that, my friends, was our weekend. 

 Cheers to a weekend of being not busy! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

{weekend recap: this and last}

So since this week has been pretty busy. Not sure with what, just seemed like there was no time to blog :) I am doing a combo of our last weekend and this weekend. First up, last weekend.

We went to The Great Wolf Lodge on Saturday and met the in-laws and all the grandkids. It was a blast! I think it will become a tradition for the family, which I of course love traditions! I know I've mentioned it before, but there are 14 grandkids on that side of the family. It makes any get together eventful! We dropped the weekend bags off in our room and suited up to go play at the water park for a while. Landon went down for a nap and then we all met for dinner at the Lodge that night. After dinner all the kids put on their PJs and came down for story time. It was so cute! Definitely fun for the kids!

Then there was a dance party, do you think Landon danced? Heck, yes! Tore up that dance floor! After that it was night night time, I had to snap some pics because he looked so cute in his little Lion sleeper and I loved the log headboard behind him. And of course, he's reading about choo choos and his "Nigh Night" {bunny} isn't too far away :)

The next morning, we ate breakfast and went back down to the waterpark to play for a bit! Such a FUN place, I highly recommend it!

This past weekend, my mom, Landon and I went to the lake because Mike had to go into work on Saturday & was planning on watching football all day on Sunday. On the road again, to the lake! My happy place. 

We got down at about 9:30 on Friday and Landon slept from about 20 minutes before we got there to about 7:30 in the morning. I cringe when I can't brush his teeth, but I didn't that night. He was out. I'm lucky he let me change his diaper without waking....


Saturday, we woke up had breakfast at our Tupelo Honey breakfast joint in Camdenton & hit up the outlets, Home Goods & Target! Carters had some great sales and we got some bright, cute stuff for our next trip to Florida this summer! 

Target, it just feels like a necessity every time we come to the lake. We love it! Landon found a new way to ride the carts at Target! So cute, that boy!

We got Landon a potty chair and some snacks! I do not plan on potty training now, but want him to get used to the idea and know that's his potty chair. I also got some fun stuff for Valentine's Day & St. Patrick's Day. I love these two holidays so much!! 

We came home, and relaxed/napped/watched the rain come down until we had dinner :) My kind of day! Wish we never had to leave! 

Luckily, today and tomorrow, Mike and I took some time off work to go to the KU game & stay the night in Lawrence! We are excited for our basically 3 day workweek & of course a date night with just us! Those date nights are SO important even though we miss our babe!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

{favorites friday}

1. Home Decorators Collection Faux Fur Rug - So I never ever do this, but I have LOVED this rug, for ever.  I always check it out on the website and have probably pinned it at least 4 times on Pinterest, but never buy because I don't really have anywhere to put it.  It's something that I don't know what I will do with, so I resist the urge.  Well now with our house on the market, it would work in a future office, playroom, nursery, etc.  I went to their website about 2 weeks ago and they were having a rug sale It was all over the front page. 20% off all rugs + free shipping + a free 5x8 rug pad.  WHAT? And I went to Retail Me Not, and got an extra $20 off! Sweet.  The rug ended up being $99 for a 5x8 which I think was pretty good! A $50 savings at least, not even including the cost of shipping :) So it will go in the basement until we end up moving, but I'm so excited about it! This picture reflects some weird shadows, but it is actually stark white.

2. Crockpot Meals - we made this Chicken meal {chicken, brown sugar, soy sauce & pineapple juice} last week and can I just tell you how much I LOVE having dinner ready when I walk through the door? Meal planning is my best friend. Seriously, it saves us SO much time and money!

3. Valentines Day and St. Patricks Day - these holidays aren't the ones that get all the attention, but they totally capture mine! They are a sweet little reminder that Spring is right around the corner! It's supposed to be 63 this weekend, how's that for Springlike weather? Oh wait, it snowed 2 nights ago....I am thinking heart and 3 leaf clover shaped everything {pancakes, sandwiches, eggs in a basket) for my little one in the next couple of months! Love themed food! <3

5. This teepee - I have not yet purchased it, but am dying over it! Part of me says do it but the other part says wait until you sell your house to know if it will fit in a playroom. One of the qualifications for our next house is a playroom for all toys, wouldn't this be adorbs in there? There will be a playroom inspiration post coming in the neat future. The wheels are turning...

Monday, January 6, 2014

{weekend recap}

My word for the new year is slow.  My goal is to slow down.  I am constantly wishing I could just freeze time.  In the new year,  I am hoping to slow down more and enjoy the little moments.  Sometimes I catch myself feeling as though I could stare at Landon all night, but I have laundry to do, and chores around the house, I need to wash the windows, and vacuum.  Those things do need to be done, but they can wait. If I get the urge to sit there and rock my baby in our jammies and not do a thing, I should give myself the opportunity to do that.  My personality is go-go-go, so that's why my word for this year is SLOW. As in SLOW DOWN....

This weekend I would say we did just that, minus a party we had on Saturday for the Chief's game loss, with about 20 people.  I used my big girl camera a lot this weekend! So proud of myself.  That's what its for to capture special moments.  I love playing with it & getting pics of the time we spend together, so there are lots of pics in this post...Again.

We had to run some errands on Saturday morning before the party, and so we of course stayed mostly in our jammies and headed to the store.  This was my attire that day - and I have to say, the Target striped little girl leggings were a steal at $5.  I'm thinking I may go back for more.....So comfy and I wore them all day long and they didn't stretch out like some normally do.  When we ran our errands, I wore them with my rainboots and when we got home, I switched to my slippers.  I swear these slippers, I wear every single day.

Then Landon watched his daddy salt and shovel the driveway with his pup. 

Proceed to party that started around 2:30, no pics from that because I didn't even have my phone out, just enjoyed seeing and chatting with friends and watching Landon play with his bestie Graham! 

Saturday night, a few girls went out to eat at Zocalo for a friends birthday party {Happy Birthday, Jana!!!}.  It started snowing while we were there pretty bad so we made it an early night, but before we left we just looked outside at the snow, it's seriously so pretty when it snows. I stole this pic from another friends Instagram. Yummy food & drinks and it's always good to have a girls night every now and them.  I'm the only mommy/wife in this pic and of course I missed my baby and hubs!

Saturday morning, was a slooooow morning.  Landon wanted to wake up at 7, and we totally wanted to stay in bed, so you know what that means: nanas and pancakes in bed. I started singing to him and he was thisclose to going back to sleep, but didn't. We eventually got out of bed, but not out of our jammies. 

I made some silver dollar pancakes from Crackerbarrel on the griddle to freeze for Landon, and some for us to eat that morning.  They are THE ABSOLUTE BEST pancakes, a little crispy, and a lot yummy! You must try if you haven't, I think they only sell the mix in their stores, though. 

A weekend is just not a weekend without my special recipe delicioso iced coffee.  

Landon played then napped, then played some more.  And he ate a TON on Sunday! He's a growing man! Ugh I still cringe when I look at his hair, I tried to cut it and I cut it way too short, so we had to shave it all off......

It will grow back
It will grow back
It will grow back

After naptime, we went outside VERY briefly so Landon could have his first snow experience. He cried when we came in but it was just too cold for babies and his little nose was running. But please notice those dreamy baby blues....those will steal some girls heart one day, just like they did his mama's.

After about 10 minutes, we came back in.  Landon threw a fit, because he LOVES being outside and we made some Dunkin' Donuts Hot Cocoa from the Keurig with marshmallows and relaxed in the basement/mancave. 

We literally changed out of our jammies, just to change into new ones before bed.  I absolutely live for days like these, with our whole little family. 

 Before bedtime was our Sunday weekly tradition of TICKLE MONSTER! Landon gets so excited because both mommy and daddy put on a mitt each and he knows he's about to get tickled...a lot. If you have not heard of this book you really should look it up.  It's the cutest thing ever. I mean ever. And it encourages laughing which is always fun :)

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, January 3, 2014

{favorites friday}

1. OPI Mimosas for Mr & Mrs - my best friend is engaged and she asked me to be her Matron of Honor. Of course I said yes! And look how cute the way she asked me was, how could a girl say no to this?! Anyway, the nail polish in the goodie bag was this color and I LOVE it! So soft & pretty & gets me excited for SPRING! 

2. Tom's Wedges - I know these beauties were on my Christmas wish list, and guess what? My father-in-law got them for me! The most comfortable heels ever! I seriously recommend them to anyone looking for a cute heel with leggings! I did some investigating and I'm thinking I also need them in beige and gray....

3. The playoffs - we are hoping for a Chiefs win tomorrow...Well, I am, but my husband especially is. We invited a bunch of our friends over for the game, and we are anticipating Landon giving lots of high fives and fist bumps, and saying "hut hut!" a lot during the game.  My husband came up with a secret beer brat recipe that he's super excited about & we are putting out a blow up Chiefs player that someone blessed us with for Christmas..Yes, in our front yard. I'm married to the football obsessed version of Clarke Griswold. The words, "Kailey, I will only share my secret recipe with you.." came out of his mouth this week at one point.  That, my friends, is true love and I kind of love it {his enthusiasm that is, not sure about the beer brats...}

4. A New Year - Who can complain about another year coming to a close? It was a great year and I'm so looking forward to what our 2014 holds, which I'm sure will be very eventful, just like every other year :) This little dude celebrated the morning after, he couldn't hang until midnight....

I anticipate a New Years Resolution post in the next few days and maybe a New Years recap rolled in! I hope you all enjoy the first weekend of 2014!