Sunday, March 25, 2012

{25 weeks}

How far along? 25 WEEEEKKKS!
Total weight gain/loss: Dr. Tegeler says 11 lbs. !! I just love him! He said I am perfectly on track {+3 lbs at the 16 week appointment, +3 lbs at the 20 week appointment, and then +5 lbs at the 24 week appointment}and probably won't have much trouble losing the weight quickly. He expects me to gain exactly what they want me to gain, which is around 25 lbs.
Maternity clothes? These shorts are still my size 2 Gap shorts! The top button is unbuttoned though..... ;-)

Stretch marks? no!
Sleep: Sleeping well with the windows wide open! Best sleeping especially with the rain we've had.
Best moment this week: I would have to say a KU WIN! {Baby B was jumping around like crazy when they won!} and the beautiful weather that we got to enjoy this weekend! Here's a Diptic that pretty much summed up my weekend 

Sleepy Cal, my mom making some serious nursery decisions, and Mac and Cheese bites from the Macaroni Grill YUM!
Mama got some lay out time in.  Mike laughed at me and took a picture because I went to lay out in my swim suit when he was mowing the yard, with some baby clothes that a family member gave us to go through, my Fit Pregnancy mag, watermelon, and my tea - oh yea, and my puppy :-) in a two piece.  No shame. 
Check out that bump!

Miss anything?: No
Movement: Absolutely, I think it's funny though any time someone puts their hand on my tummy because he's moving like crazy, he just stops.
Food cravings: Drink craving this week - TEA! I have been trying to keep it in moderation but it's just so good. Not really anything too out of the ordinary food wise this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick: meat, at a BBQ for our friend Janelle's birthday last night, they were making fun of the way I will only eat the outside edge of my is quite strange I suppose....
Gender: We love our BOY!
Labor Signs: No, but I'm almost in the home stretch!

Symptoms: So on Wednesday night I think it was, I woke up screaming in my sleep.  Mike panics and is like "What?! What's going on!!?" I couldn't even talk - seriously - I experienced THE ABSOLUTE WORST pain that I think I have experienced - A Charlie Horse!! {I know, I know - when I told a lady at my work about it, she was like "Yeah, talk to me in July..."}but it seriously was so painful.  Apparently it's very common when you're pregnant for whatever reason, but I still had myself some bananas for potassium anyway.  It hurt for 2 days after that! Yikes!
Belly Button in or out? hmmmm. Plead the 5th.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: I am so happy!
Looking forward to: Completing the nursery and of course meeting our baby boy in less than 15 weeks! Wow! Time really flies!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

{24 weeks}

How far along? 24 weeks! YA! Can you believe it?!? 6 months along already!
Total weight gain/loss: Close to 12 lbs., I think.... Our scale says something different on every floor I put on so I always just listen to the doc. and next appt is Wednesday!
Maternity clothes? trying to resist....Mainly still my old clothes with some prego stuff mixed in. 

Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: Windows open, fan on, snuggling with my 2 {well, 3} lovebugs {Mike, Calvin, and baby} is HEAVEN to me!
Best moment this week: There were quite a few this week! 

1.Mizzou -- out to a 15 seed!! Ya, only for my brackets purpose of course......... ;-) Sorry MU friends.  Although my team's not looking so good right now....

2.Also, we bought "his" {I almost typed his name, yikes! It's supposed to be a secret!} mattress.  We got a really nice one, too! I think the most awesome thing about the mattress we picked is that one side is very firm for an infant up to 1 year and when you flip it, the other side is a bit softer for a toddler.  What a GENIUS idea! And our crib converts to a toddler bed as well. I would hate for him to have too firm of a bed and be uncomfortable as a toddler.  And, as an added bonus, not that it really matters but the material has the cutest little lamb pattern on it! I want the pattern in a crib sheet! It's got the little Serta lambs. Sweet, right? Ha!

Oh and guess where Mama Bozarth parked when we bought the mattress?

3. My mom and I did some shopping on Saturday {and both forgot to wear green=losers} and Calvin came along for the ride. 

Then today, Mikey and I had a day date to the Plaza we had some registering to do at Pottery Barn and some baby monitor looking to do at the Apple Store.  We are going to invest in the Withings Baby Monitor.  I originally registered for a Summer Infant one but decided to take it off since this one is the same price and can be hooked up to both of our iPhones and our iPad and my mom could even hook up to it!! Here's a link to the awesomeness if you would like to learn more...
Anyway, it was a beautiful BEAUTIFUL DAY! We drove down with the sunroof open and I had on a summer dress! Love! Took a few pics on the iPhone because I love remembering day like these. :)
Handsome Husband

4. Lastly, I'm finally beginning to not look like a college chick with a beer gut! People are actually saying stuff now, and I like it.  And I don't mind people touching my belly.  I touch it all day long! He loves the attention. 
Miss Anything? nope
Movement: Heck yes! All over the place.  Hiccups, kicks, punches, rolls.  Everything. And I love every minute of it. He already is making his mama smile every day!
Food cravings: Sheridans frozen vanilla custard with hot fudge and bananas! Yum! and Chocolate anything.  This was the week of sweets.....Mike came to pick me up for a lunch date Wednesday, we went to Panera {which oddly enough I really did not enjoy, it didn't taste as good as it normally does to me} so afterwards my sweet hubby was like, "Well we have 20-30 minutes to kill, wanna go to Hobby Lobby or something?" {Boy, does he know the way to my heart.....}But, no, I wanted to go to Sheridan's instead, after I had an M&M cookie the size of my head at Panera, might I add

  I proceeded to get my frozen custard and we ate outside, when I wasn't finished yet and had to get back to work, we left and I ate in the car.  Mike said "Whatever you don't eat I'll take home and put in the freezer and you can have the rest tonight" {I have a keeper, I tell ya} Needless to say, there were no left overs. The moral of the story is Baby B loves sweets!
Also, such a weird thing happened the other night, we have a neighbor with a very loud truck.  The other night he started it up at 1:40am {yes a.m., I have no idea what someone does on a work night at 1:40 am, this is why we try not to talk to these particular neighbors} I couldn't get back to sleep right away and was hungry.  So at 2am on a Thursday I am sitting in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal, and I was still starving when I woke up! I hope that means Baby B is growing by leaps and bounds! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: yuk! Meat as always.
Gender: Boy <3
Labor Signs: Not for at least 3.5 months please!

Symptoms: Round ligament pain, ouch! My back has been starting to hurt a bit, and honestly, my feet are killing me! I'm hardly even on my feet and they hurt.  A little swollen, I'm sure they'll be sausages by my due date.
Belly Button in or out? flat as a pancake. Seriously, it's weird.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY, I actually don't remember the last time I was moody.  That's good!
Looking forward to: Wednesday's Dr. appt! And our tradition of McDonald's breakfast before the appointment! Hey once a month's not bad! I'll leave you with a sweet detail pic from the nursery. Can't wait until it's complete! I could spend all day in that room.....and smile every time I walk past it! Until next week. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

{23 weeks}

How far along? 22 23 WEEKS! We took the picture yesterday, because, honestly, I knew it was going to rain today and that I'd probably be in my PJs for most - if not all - of the day today and do not want to remember 23 weeks as the week everything went downhill {jk}.  Us pregnant ladies can still get gussied up! My husband said I looked like a 'bombshell'  and let me just tell you how much you do need that when you're pregnant!!! I really did write 22 weeks on the chalkboard, then I got to thinking I feel like I have written this before.....and I had, so instead of erasing {we had a wedding to be at!} I just crossed it out. 
Total weight gain/loss: I feel like I'm still hanging around 10 lbs., but honestly I'm too lazy to go weigh myself right now.....
Maternity clothes? Every so often. 

Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: It was some good sleepin' this morning with all that rain, plus we lost an hour of sleep so I slept in that much longer
Best moment this week: Probably working on the nursery and feeling little baby kick all the time now! It cracks me up! 

This week, I bought the fabric for the crib skirt {making my own because the only ones I like are around Oh $200 on Etsy} and the ties for the bumper {same fabric}.  In other news, I believe we have finalized the name! We won't be revealing {only to a select few} but I will say I am ordering a monogrammed print for his wall this week, which is sort of expensive for a piece of paper, so it's pretty set in stone :-)
Miss Anything? Nope
Movement: Absolutely!
Food cravings: Potatoes, apples, pasta
Anything making you queasy or sick: brisket last night at the wedding.  I got some and then just couldn't stomach it
Gender: BOY!
Labor Signs: no way

Symptoms: nauseous when I don't eat...still
Belly Button in or out? yikes, can we not talk about this! It's making it's way out into the world
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: So very happy!
Looking forward to: Next Dr. appointment and picking out crib bedding & a mattress sometime soon! I can't wait for the nursery to be complete! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

{22 weeks}

How far along? 22 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: close to 10 lbs I think! Pretty proud of myself! And of course baby is now 1 pound! Yay little one, getting bigger!
Maternity clothes? yep

Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: Sleeping very well! I actually took a quick power nap and I never take naps!
Best moment this week: nursery coming together, definitely! Oh it's so very handsome! Mike and my MIL painted and my FIL & Mike put together the crib.  It was such a huge help for us! My mom and I went to Good Ju Ju because I figured I probably shouldn't be around those fumes anyway. When I got home I ran to the room to see and screamed! I started jumping up and down! The color is exactly what I had envisioned for the nursery and so are all the rest of the elements of the room!!

This room gets so much light! It is really coming together  perfectly! And it's just so calming already in there...and really isn't that what you want in a nursery? 
This was taken at night, but on Sunday we bought a new lamp and I LOVE IT!
I bought these sweet little numbers at a couple different antique stores on Saturday.  They'll go on the shelf{s} going above the changing table. 
This week we also booked another photographer, Moments & Memories, to take pictures of our little one when he gets here.  I figure you can't have too many pictures. And the photographer was running a great deal on Facebook!
Miss Anything? Girls slumber party on Friday night made me miss my wine again, but really it's all worth it. 

Movement: Oh yes! He is very active in the morning and evening.  He doesn't move much during the day yet {that I can feel} but I think I just don't notice it because I am so busy.
Food cravings: Red jelly with cream cheese and tortilla chips, chocolate, red peppers, apples!
Anything making you queasy or sick: chicken, last week I was fine with chicken this week it's grossing me out.  Along with all other meat.
Labor Signs: No thank you.

Symptoms: I feel like my center of gravity is off at times.  I feel myself waddling a bit.
Belly Button in or out? hmmm, good question.  Trying to be a little bit of both.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY!
Looking forward to: March 21st, our next appointment! And some spring weather.  I can't wait for walks in the park and on the Plaza with our boy when it'll be so nice outside! Ahh maternity leave.