Sunday, March 11, 2012

{23 weeks}

How far along? 22 23 WEEKS! We took the picture yesterday, because, honestly, I knew it was going to rain today and that I'd probably be in my PJs for most - if not all - of the day today and do not want to remember 23 weeks as the week everything went downhill {jk}.  Us pregnant ladies can still get gussied up! My husband said I looked like a 'bombshell'  and let me just tell you how much you do need that when you're pregnant!!! I really did write 22 weeks on the chalkboard, then I got to thinking I feel like I have written this before.....and I had, so instead of erasing {we had a wedding to be at!} I just crossed it out. 
Total weight gain/loss: I feel like I'm still hanging around 10 lbs., but honestly I'm too lazy to go weigh myself right now.....
Maternity clothes? Every so often. 

Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: It was some good sleepin' this morning with all that rain, plus we lost an hour of sleep so I slept in that much longer
Best moment this week: Probably working on the nursery and feeling little baby kick all the time now! It cracks me up! 

This week, I bought the fabric for the crib skirt {making my own because the only ones I like are around Oh $200 on Etsy} and the ties for the bumper {same fabric}.  In other news, I believe we have finalized the name! We won't be revealing {only to a select few} but I will say I am ordering a monogrammed print for his wall this week, which is sort of expensive for a piece of paper, so it's pretty set in stone :-)
Miss Anything? Nope
Movement: Absolutely!
Food cravings: Potatoes, apples, pasta
Anything making you queasy or sick: brisket last night at the wedding.  I got some and then just couldn't stomach it
Gender: BOY!
Labor Signs: no way

Symptoms: nauseous when I don't eat...still
Belly Button in or out? yikes, can we not talk about this! It's making it's way out into the world
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: So very happy!
Looking forward to: Next Dr. appointment and picking out crib bedding & a mattress sometime soon! I can't wait for the nursery to be complete! 

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