Thursday, July 30, 2015

{landon was here}

It's a fun new series! It's called Landon was here. Funny things around the house that Landon does that I think will be hysterical to look back on. 

Here's the first edition:

Apparently diggers need to eat and drink too...

Mickey should wear Spider-Man undies & I should wear Mickey's undies...with both legs in one short leg - thoughts from Landon

To elaborate a little more on this, he obviously hasn't fully mastered dressing himself, which is apparently a milestone that he is bypassing entirely.

Yes, that's a t-shirt, as....shorts? I guess that's what he was going for there? 

The pediatrician asked me the other day, is he dressing himself. I told her, "Oh he's dressing himself...correctly? Is that what you're asking?"

Landon was also here. This gigantic dollop of hair paste. He had the right idea. I guess....

And lastly, this was just this morning! He typically eats his cereal out of a bowl that has a straw attached. Mini-meltdown if he can't drink the leftover cereal-milk. So he improvised. Which actually makes me want to dry heave. It grosses me out when people do that. 

And that concludes the first edition of Landon Was Here. Hope you enjoyed reading :)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

{our weekend}

Ok it was HOT and steamy in KC this weekend. I always am on a countdown for the weekend for friend and family time although we typically do something mid-week with our friends/family to break up the work week a bit for my husband. I just finished telling my friends last night that my Tuesday/Wesnesday/Thursdays always run together.

But, I KNOW when it's a Monday or a Friday :)

Friday, we just chilled as a family. Right when Mike got home from work we set out for Margarita's with the kids. Puffy tacos, for the freaking win! Then, we watched our beloved Royals, obviously and went to bed early. Wild and cray!

Sidenote: We were on TV when we went last Tuesday. We are gigantic Royals fans up in here. Once our phones started absolutely going bonkers at the game, we knew that we were on TV. Everyone said they were on us for at least a minute, which is a long time to focus for the sports cameras ;)

Anyway, here are some of the snapshots we got on our phones that people sent to us! 

Funny & totally oblivious....

Saturday, my father-in-law came over and Mike and I went to my best friends 30th birthday celebration! Happy Birthday, Court! Love you!! 

We were out until about 1 or so, which felt SUPER late for us old folks, but we went to eat at one of our favorite places in all the land: La Bodega. Delicious Spanish tapas and sangrias and if I'm really being honest, yes, I had a Spanish coffee after dinner. Sue me. We then went to Up/Down a cool arcade/bar, and then another fav Green Lady Lounge for some Moscow mules!

Sunday, we skipped church and headed out to the Royals game. The day started out not so hot, then right as the game started, it got HOT! Like really hot. The kids were troopers for the first 4 innings and then, BOOM. Meltdown. Figuratively and literally. 

We left and they were asleep before we even hit the highway. Fist bump!

Guess who also got a nap today? 

That's right... Tonight we plan to take it easy with some pasta dish for dinner and a family movie. Have a great night!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

{when the travel bug bites}

I have been to many many places in my almost 30 years, and I am so excited to add another big one to my list.

So far I've been to New Zealand, Paris, Spain & Morocco, St. Thomas, Jamaica, Ireland & Scotland not in the US & have been to pretty much {or at least through} every state in to US, with the exception of Alaska. 

Some pictures from my travels really bring back some awesome memories! These are pictures from Hawaii and the rest are outside of the US. Missing pictures from Paris. That's was 2005 before Facebook!  

 St. Thomas





New Zealand


Marbella, Spain


I have my mom and her love of travel and her majorly long bucket list to thank for my love of travel! I can't wait to take this trip to London with her!

You don't have to travel far to experience this same thrill though.  It can come from exploring something or some place new that you haven't been. 

The kids and I took a trip to visit my late grandma & grandpa Dennis who are both buried at a military cemetary in Leavenworth, KS. It was a blast! We stopped sonewhere we had never been for lunch & discovered a few towns that we never go to!

Travel is also thrilling when it's spontaneous! Mike was chatting with our neighbors the other day as they were packing up their car. He asked them where they were headed & the husband replied "We are just getting into the car and driving, man!". Mike came home and told me and the travel bug struck. I said "I want to do that!!" with just a tinge of jealousy! How fun!

I can not wait to take another huge trip.  I will miss my hubs and kids, and am so excited to go somewhere I have always wanted to go! London!! Notting Hill, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey.  I can't wait to soak up all the tea and crumpets!

{this weeks library favorites . jul 26}

This week we picked out about 5 more books and total we have 12 checked out. We sort of had to rush out because Harper spiked a fever during storytime. Went home to see how high because she wasn't acting herself and looked a bit pale. 103 :( my poor baby. I grabbed a couple that they had on display. I am really drawn to cute illustrations more than anything! 

We made a little library picnic outside with Milk and my sprite/lemonade/strawberry yumminess & went to town on these here books! They are all very cute! 

Sea-Rex & Camp-Rex are both by Molly Idle who also wrote Flora & the Flamingo. They are cute little easy reading books! 

Stella Brings the Family is a sweet story of acceptance of all families. They do come in all shapes and sizes ;)

Mo's Mustache is a carefree easy and silly read about on fleek mustaches! 

Go READ to your babies!