Thursday, July 30, 2015

{landon was here}

It's a fun new series! It's called Landon was here. Funny things around the house that Landon does that I think will be hysterical to look back on. 

Here's the first edition:

Apparently diggers need to eat and drink too...

Mickey should wear Spider-Man undies & I should wear Mickey's undies...with both legs in one short leg - thoughts from Landon

To elaborate a little more on this, he obviously hasn't fully mastered dressing himself, which is apparently a milestone that he is bypassing entirely.

Yes, that's a t-shirt, as....shorts? I guess that's what he was going for there? 

The pediatrician asked me the other day, is he dressing himself. I told her, "Oh he's dressing himself...correctly? Is that what you're asking?"

Landon was also here. This gigantic dollop of hair paste. He had the right idea. I guess....

And lastly, this was just this morning! He typically eats his cereal out of a bowl that has a straw attached. Mini-meltdown if he can't drink the leftover cereal-milk. So he improvised. Which actually makes me want to dry heave. It grosses me out when people do that. 

And that concludes the first edition of Landon Was Here. Hope you enjoyed reading :)

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