Saturday, August 1, 2015

{this weeks library favorites . aug 1}

This week we had so much fun at storytime! There were quite a few people we knew & we stayed quite a while playing and chatting with the other moms afterward. 

I pulled some of the books they put on display to take home with us. 

This one is our favorite!

Landon has asked me to read it every night. It's a pretty long book, for a 3 year old I guess, but it kept his attention pretty well & got him asking questions. Anything that gets his mind working is a good one in my book! 

Here are a few of our favs from this past weeks trip! 

Top of the world is a story about a pig that wonders off and his other piggy friend looks for him and they go on an adventure together! It's cute, I mean, it's piggies, how can it not be?

Disappearing Desmond was cute too. It is a book about a boy that likes to hide/is shy. Another animal comes around and he comes out of his shell a bit. 

Tap the Magic Tree is a cute interactive little book about a tree and all of the changes it undergoes with different actions you take. For example, you tap the tree and leaves appear on the next page, then more leaves, then flowers. It's very cute! I had been wanting to check this one out for a while & with the handy dandy hold feature, I just look online & put a hold on it. Sing that to the tune of "Put a ring on it". Yes, do that.

Also, while we're on the topic of books. Landon got this book for his birthday from one of my best friends, Kasey. 

She is known for buying books for kiddos, because she's a kindergarten teacher & I love it! Books are like the gifts that keep on giving! 

The Napping House! You should definetly check it out! It has become an instant classic in our house. He asks to read it all the time!! And he laughs so hard!

I swear we do check out books for Harper Kate, just not that many.  She's not that patient with books.  Our goal is 1 a night with her!

Now go read to your babies!!!

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