Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{32 weeks}

How far along? 32 weeks!! In the homestretch! Your welcome for the awesome Dr.'s office selfie.
Total weight gain/loss: I forgot to ask but I think about 24 lbs. 

Maternity clothes? Nope, still working with what I have in my closet :). Skirts unzipped for work with long shirts over it is my jam lately.
Stretch marks? no 
Sleep: is ok. My son had never been an awesome sleeper but the other night he went to bed at 9 and slept until 8:15 :) so did I!!

Best moment this week: We were able to hear our sweet girls heartbeat again yesterday. It is always such a reassuring sound. It was 137 which is lower but I could tell she was sleeping. Our appt yesterday was super quick but we did learn that she's head down - which is good. Landon was head down from 20 weeks on. Here's to hoping nothing changes on that front. 

We also had enough time after the appointment to catch a quick breakfast at our favorite breakfast place - McDonalds :) Every time we go, we get the same thing & talk about how the coffee is always too hot to drink. I love my husband, he is me in male form.
Miss Anything? The goat cheese salsa at La Bodega on Friday!  I probably could have had it, but I'm always following the pregnancy rules pretty closely {coffee is an exception}. We were out for a friends birthday - it's amazing how cheap the bill can be there if you don't order a pitcher of Sangria ;) Don't get me wrong I wanted to....

Movement: Yes, she does seem to be slowing down a bit, but still feeling rolls, stretches, & hiccups.
Food cravings: Not much, but I have been very thirsty for ice cold water or tea!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Gender: Girl!
Symptoms: Back pain & She is much lower than Landon so she's kicking my bladder.
Belly Button in or out? out :(
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY - Our house should be complete in the next month or so! I am praying that we can get somewhat settled before she makes her grand entrance. 

Not only that, but I want to get Landon adjusted to his big boy bed in that time as well. God has a plan though! They have made some great progress! Here are some recent pics: 

In other nursery news, I completed the painting for the baby's nursery. Here it is in all it's glory - oh and my big fat belly! 

Looking forward to: My husbands birthday party this weekend! The big 3-0! We are doing a joint birthday party with a friend of his also turning 30 next week. Should be fun, it's a BBQ of course!

Monday, July 14, 2014

{30 weeks}

We had an eventful couple of weeks over here!

How far along? 30 weeks and yes this is the best pic I could get this week, the face is because this pic is from a text I sent my husband asking if he liked the outfit or not. 😀  He did.
Total weight gain/loss: 23 pounds! They say that's right on track, sounds like a lot to me, considering I gained 25 w/ Landon. 

Maternity clothes? Just a pair of cropped pants and jeans. The rest I am pretty much working with that is non maternity. 
Stretch marks? no 
Sleep: awful. Landon crawled out of his crib this weekend for the first time. Holy hot mess. Mike put him in the crib on Saturday night and 3 minutes later he's opening the door to our room at my in-laws...I said "Hi buddy, what are you doing?" And then "Mike did you put him in his crib....?" His answer was "Yes...." Then on Sunday he crawled out of his pack and play twice. Plus he's boycotting naps on the weekend...sweet!

Best moment this week: definitely celebrating our BIG 2 year old! I plan to have a separate post just for Landon's birthday party! It was so so fun! He loved it! I can't believe he only has 10 or less weeks of being an only child. It kind of makes me sad because he's still my baby.   

This week I also ordered some cute clothes for my girl that I've been eyeing...for some reason my BabyGap and Old Navy cart is always loaded up. I add and delete things constantly until
it's the perfect combo of things I love and the perfect sale going on! Well I definitely hit the jackpot this past week! I got all this stuff for our little for $38, including shipping and tax! It shakes out to be about $5 per item. Crazy! I have been all googly eyes about the kite top and marled gray sweatshirt FOR-EV-ER! They were just never on super sale like this! That sweatshirt was literally $5.99 I bought it in 12-18 months. The cutie kite top was $7 & I bought it in 18-24 months. Picture it with dark skinnies and flats. Swoon! The rest are just some necessities for her first couple of months which I have learned are all about comfort. Once they start walking, cute clothes look so much cuter, but we are definitely going for comfort with her the first months. I love these striped leggings and little graphic socks (both ON) and those BabyGap sleepsacks were a must for her first 3 months! Loved these with Landon :) but in blue.

Miss Anything? Maybe fitting into the cute summer clothes that I love so much :( they just don't look as cute on a 30 weeks pregnant lady! The outfit at the top is the outfit I picked out for Landon's party. The shorts are size s and NOT maternity, just totally unzipped on the side. The shirt covered it. I'm hoping and praying these fit after baby because they are high waisted and too cute! I will not buy any maternity! That's a promise ;)
Movement: Yes, all over the place this girl is. She still feels lower than Landon. I think he was all up in my rib cage at this
Food cravings: Cheetos - healthy I know. I am lately obsessed with them! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: No
Gender: Girl!
Symptoms: Tired. Beyond exhausted.  So much more tired this time around. I'm going to a bachelorette party this weekend that's being held at my mom's condo at the lake. I'm looking forward to sleeping and more sleeping....and of course soaking up some sun..
Belly Button in or out? out
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY! I can't wait until our family is a family of 4 and for Landon to be a big brother and my husband to have a daughter. They will both be so sweet with her. I just know it!
Looking forward to: Closing on our house. Seriously, so ready. We have had some rough waters lately with our builder over the details, and we are just ready for the process to be done and to have our home. We can not wait until the day it is officially ours! 1 Month and 2 weeks away (hopefully....) and this weekend at the lake some fun and sun with my best girlfriends :) 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

{2 year old Landonisms}

How is my sweet 9 pounder 2?! Really, where does the time go? This child has so much personality and I wanted to do a little post about my baby, so I don't forget any of the cute and sweet things he does right at this moment: 

When you tell Landon to come upstairs or to come over here. He always yells, "Okay, I comin'!"

"Me-cine , ban-aid" {medicine/bandaid} is always what he says when he gets a bug bite or a little scraped knee. It cracks us up!

When he is picked up from the floor, he always acts like it's such hard work for HIM and says "Hea-vee" (heavy)

When mommy or daddy or both are at work he says "Daddy work? Mama work?". If people are just gone he says "Mama bye bye?"

Sometimes he screams for "Mok" {milk} and I will get him some, but I make him say the magic word first. He always does, I think it is so sweet that in his moment of impatience and demanding behavior, he stops to say "peeese" in his little voice. 

One of my favorite things my baby says is "Hi baby, I wuv you" with emphasis on the "wuv" because that's what I say to him. 

Typically if he says "Mommy" normally what follows is "I wuv you" with a kiss and a hug. He is our very affectionate baby. 

On this same note, he loves when mommy and daddy kiss. Almost every Sunday at church, we get chuckles from
the churchgoers behind us, because he
will grab both Mike and I around the neck and hug us and then push us together to kiss... :) 

Sometimes he will just stop what he's doing to give us a kiss - kissy sound and all - on a shoulder or my head or my arm or leg. It's seriously the sweetest thing ever. 

Landon being messed with - one day he had a Dr.'s appt and a haircut in the same day. It was a hot mess...

Rides his little tricycle or "psycho" with a Chiefs helmet on & making a motorcycle sound. 

Some Landon Translations in case you are wondering what the hell he's talking about....

Cancakes = Pancakes
Dollkin = Dolphin
Corral = Squirrel
DeeDee = Calvin
Hold you = Hold me
Peeese = Pleas
Tank You = Thank you
Anoe = Another 
O-O-Bar = Granola Bar
Tease = Cheese
Cacas = Crackers 
A Mote = Remote

He is going to have such high self esteem too! Mike always says "You're intelligent!" To which he responds "I tew-o-gent" Mike: "You're a chick magnet" Landon: "I a tick maggot" Mike: "You're handsome!" Landon: "I hand-om" 

When someone asks him his sisters name he says her first and middle, and when he is asked his name he says "I Nannon" with such excitement and points to his chest. It's the sweetest!
He also says "I Two" when asked how old he is! 

My father-in-law calls him a child prodigy,
because he knows all the letters in the alphabet. He doesn't know them in order, but he can tell you any letter you point to. I have to admit, we are pretty impressed by it too! I think it is due to the Endless ABCs app - which is really one of the few we will let him play.  

Our boy genius himself ;)