Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{hello sock bun}

Pinterest copycat warning:

Um Hello! This is genious! Why didn't I think of this?? I decided to try it this weekend before my mom and I left for the lake, and it turned out just perfect & let me just tell you a little secret...I didn't even try.  I just rolled it down & went.  My mom noticed immedietely, and my husband opened one sleepy eye to say "babe, you're hair looks good." So sweet.  Oh did I tell you how my sweet husband put laundry detergent into the diswasher...That's a different post entirely. Which I probably will never do...Disaster, but we recovered.....On to the SOCK BUN pictures.  so cute, fun & easy!

Pardon my self pics.  I obviously don't have a whole lot of experience.....especially at this awkward angle. Oh well, still as cute as can be!

Monday, October 24, 2011

{my weekend in pictures}

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend away from football with my mama at the lake.  We stopped in Cockrell, Missouri on the way down for their Annual Christmas Open House! Can you say cutest little town ever? The area we went had so many cute little kitchen stores.  I imagine it would be what Heaven looks like!!! My sweet mama bought me a nickel cake stand with beaded edges, it looks similar to my tray that I LOVE that's currently on the coffee table. I couldn't get a picture of it because it a Christmas present & she wouldn't let me take it out of the bag. Wink wink... :)

Christmas...which I love!

Yummy Damifino (Damn If I Know) wine --Madre decided she needed a case! 

Cole Camp, MO

We made little homemade dog treats.  They were a BIG hit!

I hope you enjoyed my weekend in pictures, because let me just tell you...I did!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

{fall around our home & mantle reveal}

Two posts in 2 days...what?! I'm gettin' good at this whole blogging thing! The best part of this post is at the I'll be ok with you scrolling alllll the way down and then coming back up...just sayin.

My all-time favorite season is here! It's so cozy and the food is hearty and yummy, and the clothes are cute and comfy, and the weather is just perfect!! It's after the extreme heat and before the extreme cold that we get here in Kansas City. And of course, next weekend we get to take our annual family Christmas picture!

In honor of the season, and because we went to get our pumpkins punkins and mums Saturday, I decided to post some fun, festive fall stuff around our home:

Our new window treatment.  Placemats from Pier 1! Such a great idea!

Our newest favorite coffee. 

And I can't forget our beautiful mum! My hubby kindly planted it for me :) It just isn't fall without a mum or two!

Those are just some pics I took of things that remind me of fall....Here is our very simple but oh-so fall mantle for this year.  I like decorating like this because it will transition from the beginning of fall through Halloween to Thanksgiving.  My best friend and I were shopping for pumpkins yesterday and she said something about soaking them in some sort of a bleach mixture and they will last longer.  I didn't have the time but what a great idea! Maybe next year, we will see how long they last........for now I am positively LOVING our fall mantle!

I just love me some FALL! I think everyone does..........

Saturday, October 8, 2011

{Christmas in October?}

Hey there! Happy Saturday!!

My little dog baby woke me up early this morning so I thought I'd do a quick post before I'm off to get my mums and pumpkins so that Mikey can carve and I can decorate with them!! I have seen such cute pumpkins ideas lately, who knows what we'll come up with!!! :)

So, I  was in THE Home Depot a couple of days ago and *accidentally* found myself in the faucet aisle.  This accidentally finding myself in random aisles happens A LOT. Mostly in Home Depot and Target......
Anyway, in Home Depot picking up some stuff and found this pretty faucet that I'm newly obsessed with.

Look at all the other prices of the faucets....Oh well...I'm not letting this one go!

It's oh so pretty!

I put it on my Christmas List board on Pintrest, but I'm thinking I may want it before then.  Isn't she a beauty?? Hubby has always said that he wants one of those spray things to clean the sink/whatever you do with it (I've never lived anywhere that didn't have one, so I think it's weird), so it would make us both happy! These bridge faucets are just so pretty to look at and don't you think you need something pretty like this when you're miserable having fun doing dishes?  

Here are some examples I found on Pintrest of the pretty bridge faucets: