Monday, August 29, 2011

{my love for orchids}

Ok recently I have been just obsessed with orchids.  I bought a live one at Trader Joe's yesterday {SEE COOL PHOTO BELOW}.

I love it so much, but I will also say I am not totally against having fake florals either.  As long as they look real....Enter JoAnn's faux orchid with vase @ 40% off.  I was wanting something with a little substance for my teeny nightstand.  I spotted this the other day and I. LOVE. IT.  It's so adorable where it sits.

I also have spotted a couple on Pintrest that are striking! Here are a few pictures of those....


  Have you ever used orchids in you home? If not you should! It's a proven fact that having live plants in your home is good for your health! It also increases creativity, which my husband would probably say I'm not lacking in at all....and is probably thinking he needs to confiscate my live plants. But they're amazing!

Oh and one more discovery in the last week, Instagram! The free iPhone app.  Look at some of the pictures I have transformed in mere seconds, people! So cool! I can't wait to edit some Christmas light/tree pictures with this app.......

MMMMMmmmmm. I certainly can't forget the yummy mini-monkey breads I made {from an amazing pintrest recipe} while the hubs was away.....I hope you can experience the yumminess!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{wrapped & done by December 1}

OK guys, that is my plan.  To be wrapped & done by December 1 {I got the idea from this gorgeous website}....Do you think I can do it? 

I started my Christmas shopping just recently, and because I always get ahead of myself I have included a link to the gift tags that I will be using this Christmas on all of our presents!  Aren't they just as cute as can be? I love this! Fall can't come soon enough.....

These are the two tag pages that I love so much! I may tie in some of the black ones too, but I'm not loving the lime green.  To print them yourself, just buy some good ole card stock, print the tags out, cut them out, punch a hole in the top and put some ribbon through it. Voila!! Gift tags can get expensive! Well, the really cute ones that I like can.... Not anymore!

You're Welcome!

P.S. Please don't print the tags from this blog post, they won't be very good quality.  Go to the website above and scroll down, click on the tags you like, then print. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

{switch it up, change it up}

Hi! I'm back from a wonderful Spain and Morocco trip.  I'm working on a blog post about the trip but it's not *quite* finished yet. I started a new job Monday, and I absolutely LOVE it so far! It's a wonderful fit for me plus no nights and weekends! Finally! Retail is no fun {especially during the holidays}! Anyway, after I left work on my first day I was all pumped up about my new position and not wanting to go home as Mikey, my love, was still at work. {Poor guy had to work on his birthday..sad face}, so instead I went to DSW first because I needed some new work shoes.  I ended up with some really cute Guess ones that I loved so much I bought in a nude color and black!

Then, I wandered over to Marshall's, and this is where it took a turn.....I kid.....sort of.  I went in to get some white sheets, I walked out with a King pillow sham, 2 queen pillow shams and a bed skirt. Insert Mike's annoyed face now:

sometimes it looks like this...
& other times it's more like this....

Hmmmm, Oh well.  They're all related to bedding at least.  So this is how it all got started I bought {well my mommy bought} us a new duvet cover while shopping in SPAIN! It is from Zara Home. Why we don't have that store here is beyond me.  It. is. amazing.  I would have bought just about everything in there. No, seriously. 

Our room has beigey gray walls and we had some tan accents...I didn't love the two together.  I decided right then and there, it was time to switch it up {change it up}.  I just got rid of the tan....all of it...We really love the idea of  black, white, and gray as the three main colors. The duvet cover pictured below is obviously gray and white and most accents in the room {bed, dresser, nightstands, shelf} are black. It is a very crisp look. 

Back to the duvet. It is reversible. I do love both sides but the hubby thinks the more gray side is a little more masculine. I like it slightly better myself.  It reminds me of a soft french country look, I fell in love the moment I saw it.  Also, it would be very easy to introduce any other colors in with it because of the neutral tones. 

So, in Marshalls, I bought the bed skirt, it is white with black trim all the way around for our bed, in the clearance section for $5! What!? That's almost free! I couldn't afford to not buy it!  Then I searched for two *white* matching pillow shams also for our bed, and finally found one out of its little plastic cover.  These were each $8, that's pretty good. Then I saw this king sized sham for $3.50.  That's not a typo, my friends.  I was drawn to the pattern so I just got it.  I got so lucky, it works just perfectly in the guest bedroom and for $3.50, I think it adds a nice touch!

cute, cute, cute & cozy for our guests! Check out the new pillow in the back! I just stuffed two tan pillows we weren't using into it, instead of buying a new king size pillow.

Oh P.S. We would like to announce our newest family member.  He is a cockalierpoo and his name is Calvin.  He is such a sweet cuddle-bunny! It was a surprise birthday present for Mike....We just love him!