Wednesday, October 15, 2014

{feeling fallish}

We are totally feeling fallish over here right now! This rainy cooler weather may have something to do with it. Here are a couple random things that helped us ring fall in this year:

Fall clothes: I pulled out my Hunter rain boots the other morning after 2 full days of rain! I got Harper Kate dressed and then myself and realized that we were wearing the same colors and twinning without even planning it! I am loving the black, white and army green for fall! Side note: who says you can't wear white pants in the fall? 

I also twinned with my other offspring too, on a recent trip to Target. The white pants decided to make their appearance again as well! I break all the rules.

Pumpkin hunting: A couple weeks ago, we went and got some pumpkins for our front porch. It was so fun seeing Landon pick out his favorites. He LOVES pumpkins! Me too, buddy! 

These and a larger greenish one are the ones we came home with. When we got home, Landon wanted all the "yittle" ones inside. The one he was pointing to in this picture, he kept calling it "yucky punkin" and saying it was "eeww goss {gross}". 

My mom came over the other day and I told him to go show her his yucky pumpkin.  I let him go outside and he immediately went to that one and brought it in. He says it's dirty...this child. Endless entertainment, seriously. 

Our annual cousin trip to the pumpkin patch/apple orchard this year didn't disappoint! We went to the Red Barn Fatm on Weston. We typically go to Carolyn's but switched it up this year! We all voted that RBF is leaps and bounds better than Carolyn's! More activities for the kids and less expensive. Plus, their Apple Cider Donuts with caramel dipping sauce and apple slushie are a little too good to resist! 

Food: it goes without saying that I love fall foods and drinks! I made a couple fall food purchases that I'm pretty excited about. 

First up, spiced apple cider, these are little individual packets. My all time favorite drink at Starbucks is not a PSL, although I love that one too. It's a caramel apple spice! Fall in a cup! 

I can't wait to make some mulled apple cider with some cinnamon sticks in the crockpot this coming weekend! It's perfect to keep on warm and sip on it the whole weekend. As an added bonus, it should make the house smell amazing!

I also purchased some pumpkin spice pizzelle cookies. My mom and I have made these cookies before. Homemade pizzelles are delish but these are pretty good too, with peanut butter on them :)

We love them and they are so light! They offered an apple cinnamon pizzelle as well. Would like to try that one too!

The other night before bed, I made Mike and I pumpkin pizelle ice cream sandwiches! They were DELISH!

I read on the inside of the packaging that you could make s'mores with them too. You know I always have all the ingredients for s'mores, so that was next on the menu the next day. Obviously I'm not on an after-baby diet. My brother the other day said, "Kailey, you should really put together an after-baby diet and workout plan. You could call it 'Doing nothing'.

Needless to say, the s'mores were wonderful! 

I also had a bunch of apples to use, so the other morning some apple Dutch babies that Landon and I devoured! So so delicious and so easy. The waiting for it to cook was the hardest part!

And finally, for some added Halloween festiveness for snack time, I made a bat out of Landon's raisins on a whim the other day. 

Of course, no fall post is complete without Hocus Pocus! We don't own it, but definetly should...I always record it and then just watch it whenever I feel like it. Landon was so into it this year too. He always wants to watch "Bitches". Yes, you read that correctly. I told him it was "Witches" with a W, but he insisted that he was right. You have to choose your battles with a 2 year old and I guess they are bitches, really ;) I'm sure Thackery Binx thinks so....

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of the BEST season as much as we are! Go Royals!