Monday, May 30, 2011

{Pinterest: La La La Love}

Hello friends!

I made the very tough easy decision to join Pinterest about a week ago.  If you have been living under a rock for AGES (actually it's brand spankin' new: that's why only V.I.P-like me-can join it) and haven't heard of it; it is a site you must either be invited to or put on a waiting list to join that you can browse through THOUSANDS, literally thousands, of pictures, and 'pin' whatever tickles your fancy.  My favorite part? You can organize them.  You people know how I love my organizing...

Basically, I found another way to waste time online.  I have a hard enough time finding the time to do blog posts, now the interweb has to throw this sweet website at me!?? Anyhow, here's my Pinterest page.  I'm still trying to figure the whole thing out but am getting so much inspiration from the Pinterest community.  I do have a couple invites left which I think make you a member quicker than Pinterest itself sending you an invite.  Let me know if your interested... :-) 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{Sneak Peek}

Well well well...I have been busy with work, weddings, and this wonderful weather we've been having lately (funnel cloud over my place of work today was only *slightly* scary).  To be honest all I ever want to do when it's like this is snuggle up with my hubs or my sweet pups and stay in bed.  It's hard to get motivated to do the projects that I want to do! And if I'm not motivated I'm not going to do it becuase it will turn into a 'Big Craft Fail'.  Those are no good.  I have, however, been working on a little project but I am only giving a sneak peek so you cant take a gander at what in the world it is!! It's actually been taking up most of my free time, and there's a lot of it this week with the hubs working late every night.  But I'm really having fun with it.  When I don't get 3rd degree burns from my hot glue gun *hint* any guesses??! Here's another hint:

You'll see it soon enough! Hopefully it doens't turn into a Craft Fail...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{You guys! I'm excited}

Hey you guuuuyyys, 

Name the movie you get a cookie.  I'm so excited today! Over the last couple of weeks I have been going crazy trying to pick a color for our kitchen.  Well it turns out "Wood Smoke" by Glidden was my number one choice.  As I was blogging around this past freezingicecolddreary weekend, I found a little post that said something to the effect of, "Glidden giving away 200,000 free quarts of paint on May 16 at midnight" Uhmmm rewind, WHAT? Nothing comes free anymore.  Here is a little preview of my new favorite paint on a wall in a fellow blogger's home, she literally did a whole post on this color right here



 It's the perfect neutral for the kitchen! So, I did a little more research, and set my alarm (yes I go to sleep before midnight on a work night) for midnight.  Well obviously their website was WAY overwhelmed with all the traffic.  I think it crashed.  People were mad.  I figured whatever, the worst that happens is I have to $buy$ some...I tried one more time before I went to sleep, and PRESTO! It worked! I got my quart of Wood Smoke.  All I'll have to buy is some primer and possibly a little extra paint.  I do think these 2 quarts will color all the kitchen but we will see. Yay! I made my mommy get one too for me (one per household rule), just in case.  I can't wait to get the ball rolling on my kitchen.  I'm beyond sick of the brick red we have in there now.  This color is going to lighten it up so much and we really get so much natural light in there anyway.  I'm going to paint the trim white eventually as well.  

I got to thinking all dark on the cabinets now (my mind changes more than the weather here in KC) and just get glass put in some of the doors probably the ones I had taken off but didn't love that look...

Speaking of open cabinets.  I'm beyond frustrated with the dishes we had on our registry at BB&B for our wedding.  The manager is going to hear from me soon.  Almost every. single. one. is chipped.  It's annoying.  So I went and bought 12 new place settings on our one year anniversary.  Happy Anniversary to us! Who says paper is the gift for your one year anniversary?  I went with porcelain. Well, we got each other cards so I guess those count.  Anyway, I'm in love with these little beaded plates.  I read every single review online and everyone loves them.  Milky white, durable, classic, and so stinkin' cute.  Why didn't we register for these to begin with? Sad face... They will look too cute behind some glass cabinet doors.  Sorry about all the bad pictures in this post. All were taken with my night...When will I learn?

In other exciting news, I finally decided where we're going to buy our deck furniture cushions. BALLARD DESIGNS!!  I've been getting their catalog for about a year and a half.  If you are not getting their catalog, you need to! You're missing out... Here's a picture of all the options by way of outdoor cushions. I don't want to compromise on these because we aren't getting new furniture for a while, so I'm convinced we should reward ourselves with eye-candy cushions.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...
They put way too many pretty fabrics together on one page.  How does a girl ever decide?  Help me! I'm torn between: (I would mix patterns and solids, patterns on table chairs and solids on lounge chairs and chaise) Arden Spa & Spa, Arden Black & sand, Ikat medallion & green, OR brown canopy stripe & brown... Oh, boy this is going to be tough.  If you have an opinion please don't hesitate to let me know.  I'll take all the help I can get!

We have a very busy weekend ahead of us!  Our friends are getting married in St. Joe this weekend and we're headed to the Royals vs. Cards game Sunday...did you see the game 2 nights ago? Pathetic, really. I hope they can pull it together.  I don't want to waste my Sunday for a loss... 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

{Happy Anniversary}

This morning my dear husband and I kissed each other first thing, we then got up and made cinnamon rolls and hot tea with milk and honey, and reminisced about one year ago today.  One year ago today, I said "I do" to the most incredible man alive.  I feel so lucky to have snatched up someone so loving, funny, handsome, kind, compassionate.  He really is the best person I've ever met and I'm so proud to call him my 'husband'.

My husband is not just a “husband” though, he is also my best friend, life partner, and my support system.
Anniversaries are a time to remember the past you have and look forward to your future. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.

As I remember that day, I wanted to share some details of our beautiful day with you:

I look forward to tomorrow, and the next day and the next day.

Photo from our 1st anniversary getaway to the wineries, bed and breakfasts, and Katy Trail of Rocheport, Missouri.  Highly recommended!
And I've always said, even though our wedding day was a really great day, it wasn't the best day of my life.  I have many, and every day spent with my love is a best day.  I think this quote is appropriate here.  "The best romance is inside the marriage, the finest love stories come after the wedding, not before."-Irving Stone

Happy Anniversary, Baby, to you, and Happy Anniversary to us ;) I love you too much!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

{Fallin' in Love}

The iron posts were dropped off on our doorstop from Lowe's on last Wednesday; the finishing touches! It's official, we have a MUCH cooler deck! We have been looking so forward to this deck being finished, and it's finally there!  Here are some updated photos that will give you an idea of just how far we've come! Very exciting, indeed!

Please, don't worry, more to come.  We decided to keep the same outdoor furniture for a while and just get new cushions.  We really liked a pattern at Home Goods, but I didn't want to know me.  I wanted to look around some more.  We need 8 cushions total! 1 chaise lounge, 6 lounge chairs and one bench/loveseat cushion.  They don't necessarily have to match, just blend. I really am going to look at Pottery Barn too.  I always am a fan of the 'classic stripe' and I know they have some outdoor cushions in that pattern....*sigh*

While all of this deck business was finishing up, I was falling in love.  With an artist.  Her name is Katie Daisy.  *sigh* I'm going buy two prints from her website once I make up my mind. I love the messages in the prints, and I just love the feeling these prints give me.  So inspiring! When I first came across her on another blog, my heart really, no really, went pitter-patter {do you think I should get that checked out?}  Be still, my Katie Daisy-lovin' heart, be still.

I can not decide which ones to buy! I'm thinking I love the Rumi quote one {Let the beauty you love be what you do}, and the Ralph Waldo Emerson one {Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air}. I mean don't they make you happy just hearing them?


Do these prints 'fit' with our decor? Nope not really.  We're more Pottery Barn-esque over here.  I normally have two standards for anything that steps foot in our house {decor, not people...although I guess these qualifications would work for people too}: it must have a 'place' and we must LOVE it.  If we say 'no' to one of those things, no dice.  These prints met 50% but that was still passing for me, I would say it was closer an 80% because all the love {on my part} made up for them not having a 'place'. 

These prints just cheer me right up and I know every morning before I go to work or if I'm getting ready to enjoy the day with my hubby, these will automatically put a smile on my face when walking past! You should check her out if you get a chance over at and enjoy all the eye-candy.  Prepare to leave with a smile.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

{Organizing is F.U.N.}

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! What are your plans tonight?? We're going to get some Mexican food downtown with my pops and family and my little brother (fresh from a year vacay in the land down under). So, funny story, when DH (dear husband) and I were eating Mexican on Sunday night, I said something like "Cinco de Mayo is this week" and no joke he said back "What date is it?"...blank stare with a burrito in my mouth. Oh he must be kidding? No, people, he didn't know that Cinco de Mayo meant fifth of May...I then proceeded to ask him how many years he's been alive...blah blah blah you know the rest.

Anyway! I am normally bored by organizing tutorials and posts, but not when it happens in my own home!  Not now at least...In the past, when it came time to clean and organize, I was more the type that would go to a room to clean get distracted by pictures, end up looking at them for an hour, go to another room to clean, paint my nails, wait for them to dry, go to another room, play with all my make-up and skin products, get a phone call to go to lunch with a friend, go to lunch, then get to the cleaning {the original task at hand}.  You get the idea.  It was a looooong process.......Not no mo'!...well, not most of the time.  Mr. Hubs would say I'm still that way, I would have to disagree.

I got away from my old habits for a couple of hours to complete this little organization project.  The wheels started turning one night when hubs and I were wasting time after dinner and before our movie at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I spotted these cute little tray organizers and that's when it took a turn...

They fit perfectly in our drawers!

These are our bathroom drawers before. Hot Mess Express.

Can you guess which one's mine? Does the hair flower give it away?
Hubby's supplements or whatever these are went into the *newly* organized linen closet, in the 'other' basket

Random findings
I had 3 pens just lounging around in my drawer and hubby had 3 in his as well.  Great minds think alike...  It makes sense to store pens in a bathroom drawer...doesn't it?  Don't answer that.  Needless to say, they got moved to the desk in the office, and now I don't have to go searching everytime I have a list to make. 

Look how perfectly this one fits!
After.  Whew, much better. 

His, yes that's a mint, he had Starbursts hiding in there too...

I did organize underneath the drawers as well in the bathroom, but those pics aren't nearly as fun. Really boring, but really organized!

I would like to end this post with my brand new aloe plant that I'm in love with.  Who knew terra-cotta pots double as chalkboards?

I got this cutie at the River Market a couple weekends ago with my BFF Courtney.  Look at those pretty flowers, too!

Until next time!