Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{You guys! I'm excited}

Hey you guuuuyyys, 

Name the movie you get a cookie.  I'm so excited today! Over the last couple of weeks I have been going crazy trying to pick a color for our kitchen.  Well it turns out "Wood Smoke" by Glidden was my number one choice.  As I was blogging around this past freezingicecolddreary weekend, I found a little post that said something to the effect of, "Glidden giving away 200,000 free quarts of paint on May 16 at midnight" Uhmmm rewind, WHAT? Nothing comes free anymore.  Here is a little preview of my new favorite paint on a wall in a fellow blogger's home, she literally did a whole post on this color right here



 It's the perfect neutral for the kitchen! So, I did a little more research, and set my alarm (yes I go to sleep before midnight on a work night) for midnight.  Well obviously their website was WAY overwhelmed with all the traffic.  I think it crashed.  People were mad.  I figured whatever, the worst that happens is I have to $buy$ some...I tried one more time before I went to sleep, and PRESTO! It worked! I got my quart of Wood Smoke.  All I'll have to buy is some primer and possibly a little extra paint.  I do think these 2 quarts will color all the kitchen but we will see. Yay! I made my mommy get one too for me (one per household rule), just in case.  I can't wait to get the ball rolling on my kitchen.  I'm beyond sick of the brick red we have in there now.  This color is going to lighten it up so much and we really get so much natural light in there anyway.  I'm going to paint the trim white eventually as well.  

I got to thinking all dark on the cabinets now (my mind changes more than the weather here in KC) and just get glass put in some of the doors probably the ones I had taken off but didn't love that look...

Speaking of open cabinets.  I'm beyond frustrated with the dishes we had on our registry at BB&B for our wedding.  The manager is going to hear from me soon.  Almost every. single. one. is chipped.  It's annoying.  So I went and bought 12 new place settings on our one year anniversary.  Happy Anniversary to us! Who says paper is the gift for your one year anniversary?  I went with porcelain. Well, we got each other cards so I guess those count.  Anyway, I'm in love with these little beaded plates.  I read every single review online and everyone loves them.  Milky white, durable, classic, and so stinkin' cute.  Why didn't we register for these to begin with? Sad face... They will look too cute behind some glass cabinet doors.  Sorry about all the bad pictures in this post. All were taken with my night...When will I learn?

In other exciting news, I finally decided where we're going to buy our deck furniture cushions. BALLARD DESIGNS!!  I've been getting their catalog for about a year and a half.  If you are not getting their catalog, you need to! You're missing out... Here's a picture of all the options by way of outdoor cushions. I don't want to compromise on these because we aren't getting new furniture for a while, so I'm convinced we should reward ourselves with eye-candy cushions.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...
They put way too many pretty fabrics together on one page.  How does a girl ever decide?  Help me! I'm torn between: (I would mix patterns and solids, patterns on table chairs and solids on lounge chairs and chaise) Arden Spa & Spa, Arden Black & sand, Ikat medallion & green, OR brown canopy stripe & brown... Oh, boy this is going to be tough.  If you have an opinion please don't hesitate to let me know.  I'll take all the help I can get!

We have a very busy weekend ahead of us!  Our friends are getting married in St. Joe this weekend and we're headed to the Royals vs. Cards game Sunday...did you see the game 2 nights ago? Pathetic, really. I hope they can pull it together.  I don't want to waste my Sunday for a loss... 


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