Monday, August 25, 2014

{36 weeks}

How far along? 36 weeks and feeling like I'm about 39.5 weeks...and look at those polka dots hanging on for dear life...
Total weight gain/loss: 32 lbs :) quite a bit more than with Landon...but I can't really tell, hopefully this doesn't mean she'll be 15 lbs. Also, her heart rate is 164 and I am dialated to a 1 almost a 2 and 50% effaced. I told the doctor, she can't come any earlier than her due date, we have a house to move into and I need to get her nursery together! She said good luck on your plan. 

Luckily, my girlfriends said they would help me in every way while my husband and his friends are moving all the heavy stuff. 
Maternity clothes? No! When I'm at home I wear my yoga capris and a tank and as little clothing as possible for comfort.
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: I typically wake up about 3-4 times a night to go to the bathroom and drink water.
Best moment this week: My girlfriends threw me a small little get together sprinkle shower for our little girl on Friday. It was adorable and I am so thankful for them and their thoughtfulness :) There was a Stella and Dot rep there too! Words can't express how in love I am with their jewelry.  I ordered the Nancy earrings.

My friends were so sweet to order me a cute gold disk necklace from Stella and Dot too, with both kids initials on it. I plan to layer both the gold and silver necklace I already own with our families initials. I love personalized jewelry a little too much!

The theme was super cute too. By the food it said "(Our daughters name)'s Cafe" and by the clothing ladder it said "(Our daughter's name)'s Boutique" so creative my friends are :)

Miss Anything? Fall beers. Soon, though, I was just talking about how
excited I was to have my first fall beer this year!
Movement: yep! The doctor said she was spread eagle in my belly...what? So that's why I've been feeling kicks all over the place! She is also head down.
Food cravings: Italian Frozen Ice :)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Lately I have to eat pretty small meals/snacks and I feel hungry a short time after. It makes me a bit nauseous.
Gender: Girl!
Symptoms: Tired, lower back pain, pressure. It getting close I can feel it! Just let us get your and your brothers rooms set up first sweet girl! Then you can come.
Belly Button in or out? out.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY, anxious, nervous, excited. There is a lot going on right now, but I am loving every minute of it!
Looking forward to: Closing on our house. The date was moved back to September 3rd from August 28th, due to them running a bit behind. They are doing so well though getting us in close to the promise date. We are ready to write the biggest check of our lives and move into this gorgeous home. Since the top two photos below, all the carpet is in and the wood floors are stained. Today the granite countertops go in and today and tomorrow the sod, the rest is basically done, with a final cleanup happening on Friday morning and our walkthrough Friday afternoon. Here are some photo updates as of late: 

Playroom entrance

Dark vanities upstairs add some dimension!

Our house at night - swoon! Love the stone!

Hardwoods stained

Deck and stairs


The high traffic carpet up the stairs, which we are overly in love with! Such a great investment as those stairs will be constantly in use! Please ignore the shadow, this was taken through a window. 

But let's talk about cutting it close, I am due September 21. 1 week from tomorrow we are supposed to close! The countdown is on...for baby and for the house :)

I'd like to end this post with Landon in one of baby girls headbands by Jameson Monroe. I posted this one on Instagram yesterday after it came in the mail and my husband asked me why. I told him if he didn't have so many fantasy football drafts and go to Royals games, Landon wouldn't be trying on his sisters you honey :) He'd make a pretty baby girl don't you agree?

Monday, August 18, 2014

{new home: master bedroom}

Our Master bedroom is almost complete, we did it on a budget! Mainly because what's the point of spending more when you can spend less and get the same effect?

We started with the purchase of this headboard. I always read reviews and this one had some good ones, so we went for it. It was around $240 I want to say with all our discounts and of course free shipping. We decided to go with a king for the new house instead of a queen. It's just more functional with kids that like to snuggle :) Landon was taking up the whole bed in our queen!

It was purchased from Target online. It's the Roma Wingback Tufted Headboard. We are Redcard members (NO it's not a credit card, we have never once had a credit card), which is a Target card that basically pulls straight from your checking account & I love it because we get free shipping + an extra 5% off every purchase. 

I wanted all WHITE bedding & knew that was the look from the very beginning of planning the new house decor. Luckily, my husband just goes along with my decor ideas ;) I figure when it gets dirty, you can just bleach it! That's the idea I have for all of our towels too. I think we will gradually get new towels throughout the house. 

I first had my mom order 2 sets of these AMAZING sheets in white from a family friend that sells them as a fundraiser. They are $30 and SO soft! 

Next I ordered these euro pillow covers from Amazon. They were about $9 a piece. It looks like they have popped up to about $16 a piece now. They are the Fresh Ideas Tailored Poplin Pillow in White. I ordered 3 of them.

I also bought these inserts at Target - they are seriously SO hard to find, so if you ever need some and come across them in the store, you may want to snatch them up. They are around $10 each. I bought 3, of course. These are the Target Threshold Euro Square pillows.

Our next purchases were my all time favorite frames from...wait for it...TARGET! I have said it before, but I'm obsessed with these frames. They are the RE 8x10 matted frame although I periodically purchase the 5x7 depending on what I'm framing. This picture of Landon for his new room was in a 5x7 frame.

This DIY painting on the right for little girl's room was put in an 8x10 frame.

As you can see both look equally as good! Anyway, I am planning to have 3 black and white photos above the bed in these 8x10 frames. I always buy them when they are on sale on the Cartwheel app and use my Redcard as well. It makes them about $13 or so for a matted 8x10 frame! We already have 3 of those, just waiting for our Christmas pictures to get some pics in the frames.

Next purchase, this lightweight comforter from Target. It is $40. It also is periodically on the Cartwheel app as well. So we got it for 20% off of that. I like lightweight down (ish) comforters. My husband does too! It doesn't feel like your wrestling an alligator in the middle of the night. Never fun!

The quilt was probably the most expensive purchase other than the headboard. I was absolutely SET on this Pottery Barn quilt. Then I started questioning myself. Ugh Almost $200 for a quilt!? Surely I can find something similar for less! Nothing. There are TONS of white quilts out there but not this pick stitch pattern. I wanted traditional, not a swirly or geometric pattern. 

After much looking I found this quilt SET at WalMart online. Now let me preface this by saying, you can not tell my husband this came from WalMart...he despises that place with every fiber of his being. But he never reads the blog and if you tell him I'll deny it.....The quilt set includes the quilt and 2 king sized pillow shams! Perfect and $80 free site to store shipping. This is a picture of the set. 

This is a picture of the WalMart Home Essence quilt on the left and the Pottery Barn Pickstitch quilt on the right. Pretty close, huh? 

I'm thinking I made the right decision here, folks! We still need to pick out our nightstands, and a dresser to go under the TV which will hang on the wall across from our bed. I kind of have this Ikea one in mind and maybe I will switch out the knobs and get some that are silver ring pulls or something of that nature. This is the Ikea Hemnes 8 Drawer Dresser. We won't be purchasing this at least until Ikea opens on Sept 10th. 

In other news, we got the dressers for both Landon and our daughters rooms at NFM! Progress! Both were on clearance too! Here is Landon's. I was stopped in my tracks with this one! So perfect!! The detailing is awesome and I think it will be a standout in his new big boy room! 

Up close...

Here is our daughter's dresser. It is so sweet and the cool part: where the purple is you can switch out and make it any color. It comes with black, white, purple, orange - the list goes on and on...I will use white, but when she gets older she may want a color, so she can change it out! Both of the top portions will be white for now though. (We only switched one in this pic). I also plan on getting some gold ring pulls for the dresser as I'm not crazy about the knobs.  

We also ordered the King mattress for the bed while we were there.

Of course, I will post pictures once the room is put together in a few short weeks, hopefully! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

{favorites Friday}

A favorites Friday post! It's been a long time since I've done one of these.

1. As mentioned in my last pregnancy post, lately I have been in love with ordering books for my children and spent a small fortune on it! 

I just think that lately Landon is so drawn to technology and he is equally as drawn to books - We would choose books over TV for our babies any day! When Landon asks me to read him a book I NEVER say no...I always welcome a book reading. 

We sometimes get asked how his vocabulary is so evolved, I attribute it to reading and having full on conversations with him daily. 

We plan on buying some shelves once Ikea opens on September 10th (!!!) and having them in Landon and the girls nursery. They are actually photo shelves, but work perfectly for books as well. 

2. Speaking of Ikea - It is officially opening on September 10th and I officially can not WAIT! I can't wait to get our kitchen table there and have one in mind.  I want it to be able to seat at least 6, and think the perfect one would be this Ingatorp table.  Its inexpensive and I'm planning on some fun chairs that are still undecided.

3. This S'mores Popcorn dish just MIGHT have to make an appearance this weekend...looks so delicious! The prefect summer into fall snack! We LOVE sweets in this house! Yes, yes, triple yes.

4. Have you tried the Lime Refresher at Starbucks? On 2nd thought, don' will down it in 30 seconds flat just like I did. So delish and seriously REFRESHING! Get the Grande. Trust me.

Starbucks has a receipt treat going on right now, where if you buy your morning drink, you get a cold drink in the afternoon for only $2! Sweet! 

5. Fall clothes! It's almost FALL, y'all. I ordered some beginning of fall clothes this past week and they came in yesterday, they are all perfect! Here is some of my new stuff: 

All items are from Forever 21, which I think I mentioned before, I don't like shopping the store because it's pretty unorganized, but I love shopping online. Especially when they offer free shipping of you spend over $21! The top left shirt is one I was on the fence about, but they sold out in the small so I got the medium, and it fits so cute! I think it would be really cute this fall with dark skinny jeans and boots maybe a scarf too! The top right is a headband that I thought would be adorable for around Christmastime! It was $3.80! The bottom left is a marled infinity scarf that I think is so basic that I will wear it a TON this fall and winter! The bottom right shirt I plan to wear home from the hospital, because let's be honest, the best IS yet to come & it will give me some extra tummy room right after baby girl arrives :) 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

{34 weeks + 3}

How far along? 34 weeks ya'll! I was in my best friends wedding looking all the part of a hot mess! 34 weeks pregnant, dress didn't fit, hot and swollen, what we thought was a sprained ankle {turned out a fractured in 2 spots ankle}....BUT I made it through! My best friends married and Landon was a successful ring bearer (kind of). I can't wait to share the video! 

Total weight gain/loss: Around 27 lbs. not including my walking boot...

Maternity clothes? My bridesmaid dress was entirely too small but surprisingly I made a few adjustments that made it work! It was a miracle! Who wears a size 0 maternity anyway? Pregnancy Barbie? I can tell you one person who doesn'!

Stretch marks? no 

Sleep: has seen better days....I swear pregnancy prepares you for what's to come.

Best moment this week: Our little lady is very busy, heart rate was 155 Monday and she was definetly awake and letting us know about it. I always feel so blessed to hear a healthy heartbeat.

In other news, I hate to dwell on the negative but sometimes these things happen and they suck...let's go ahead and share some of my NOT best moments of the past weeks. First, let's just say you know you're pregnant when the 3 for your husbands 30th birthday balloons blows away and you have a complete sobfest in the parking lot.... That was me. Hence the balloons that don't match...Positive? Everyone had a good time  and didn't even notice ;)


Another NOT best moment? Landon and I were getting a card at Target for my stepmothers birthday and then going to meet them for dinner. Landon and I
both fell in the parking lot. He fell on his face, I fell apparently on my ankle...he was absolutely bawling so I was more concerned with his well being than my own. He was fine, had a minor bruise on his cheekbone but not even a scratch! I didn't even know how badly I was hurt until I couldn't get up. Thank goodness a lady had seen the whole thing and helped us back to the car. I drove home shaking and scared because my foot swelled right up. Also thank goodness my brother is an EMT and was there to help me out! He got me all set up on the couch with pillows and ice, and watched Landon until Mike got home. It was awful! I got an X-Ray today, it is fractured not sprained. Cam walker boot for 4-6 weeks & possible surgery after the baby arrives....I have to go to see an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow for the real down low. Upside? Neither of my babies were hurt :)

On a happier less painful note, I got THE cutest headband for my little lady to wear at the hospital this weekend. It's adorable and so teeny tiny! I can't wait to see her in it with the matching monogrammed little gown. Also this week, I bought my children some books that I had been wanting for their library. Aren't they so cute? I love buying books, because I know they are something productive to spend money on. Not like clothes and decor. These things will help is bond as a family and will help them learn. 


Miss Anything? Walking normally?

Movement: Yes, mainly in the hip and rib cage area.. Funny moment this week: Baby girl was kicking me right above my hip on Thursday evening. I said "Ouch that hurts" and Landon said "Top it!" Very rudely...he doesn't like to see people upset and his new thing is to say "Top it! {Stop it!}. So I said "No, Landon, mommy can be upset and in pain..." I told him "Tell your sister to stop" he said "Top it, {secret girl first and middle name}!" It was so sweet. I love that he calls her by her first and middle name and that's what we call her too, maybe it will stick? They flow so sweetly together.

Food cravings: macaroni salad, creamed corn, we had Longboards the other night, always so yummy! For anyone who has had Longboards, they know it's delish!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really, but my old friend acid reflux is back with a vengeance! Not pleasant. 

Gender: Girl!
Symptoms: Acid reflux, back pain. Not pregnancy related, but I'm sure the extra weight just adds to the pain in my ankle!! I am glad to say that I have a certain handsome someone that will carry my 50 pound purse for me...

Belly Button in or out? out

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: Everytime I see this question I think of the song "Because I'm happy..." Well I am again, despite it being a weird week and breaking my ankle! We are SO close to being in our house, which makes us close to meeting our sweet girl too! But it also makes Landon one month older, which makes us sad :( in the best way possible. My baby is getting so big! I recently did a Landonisms post. It's all the funny and cute things that I don't want to forget about.

At the house, they have painted the trim and molding and our kitchen cabs. They also started painting the walls. Again the color we chose is SW Repose Gray with Alabaster as the trim and cabinet color. They have also painted the outside! They need to add some stone around the door and the lights and the outside of the house will be complete! The outside colors are also SW and are Dovetail Gray, Pure White trim and Black Magic shutters and front door. They also started staining. At this point the floors are not stained but the bannister leading upstairs is {bottom pic}. Today they are pouring the driveway and our back patio, then granite later this week. Really all they will have left after that is carpet and light fixtures. And, of course here are some progress pics from our house . I didn't take a picture of the whole house just for privacy reasons. {Doesn't it get some awesome natural light??}: 

Looking forward to: The next big thing! Closing on our house. Also, it's so surreal that we will be so close to being full term on my next post! Hasn't this been the quickest pregnancy ever??!