Friday, August 15, 2014

{favorites Friday}

A favorites Friday post! It's been a long time since I've done one of these.

1. As mentioned in my last pregnancy post, lately I have been in love with ordering books for my children and spent a small fortune on it! 

I just think that lately Landon is so drawn to technology and he is equally as drawn to books - We would choose books over TV for our babies any day! When Landon asks me to read him a book I NEVER say no...I always welcome a book reading. 

We sometimes get asked how his vocabulary is so evolved, I attribute it to reading and having full on conversations with him daily. 

We plan on buying some shelves once Ikea opens on September 10th (!!!) and having them in Landon and the girls nursery. They are actually photo shelves, but work perfectly for books as well. 

2. Speaking of Ikea - It is officially opening on September 10th and I officially can not WAIT! I can't wait to get our kitchen table there and have one in mind.  I want it to be able to seat at least 6, and think the perfect one would be this Ingatorp table.  Its inexpensive and I'm planning on some fun chairs that are still undecided.

3. This S'mores Popcorn dish just MIGHT have to make an appearance this weekend...looks so delicious! The prefect summer into fall snack! We LOVE sweets in this house! Yes, yes, triple yes.

4. Have you tried the Lime Refresher at Starbucks? On 2nd thought, don' will down it in 30 seconds flat just like I did. So delish and seriously REFRESHING! Get the Grande. Trust me.

Starbucks has a receipt treat going on right now, where if you buy your morning drink, you get a cold drink in the afternoon for only $2! Sweet! 

5. Fall clothes! It's almost FALL, y'all. I ordered some beginning of fall clothes this past week and they came in yesterday, they are all perfect! Here is some of my new stuff: 

All items are from Forever 21, which I think I mentioned before, I don't like shopping the store because it's pretty unorganized, but I love shopping online. Especially when they offer free shipping of you spend over $21! The top left shirt is one I was on the fence about, but they sold out in the small so I got the medium, and it fits so cute! I think it would be really cute this fall with dark skinny jeans and boots maybe a scarf too! The top right is a headband that I thought would be adorable for around Christmastime! It was $3.80! The bottom left is a marled infinity scarf that I think is so basic that I will wear it a TON this fall and winter! The bottom right shirt I plan to wear home from the hospital, because let's be honest, the best IS yet to come & it will give me some extra tummy room right after baby girl arrives :) 

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