Monday, August 18, 2014

{new home: master bedroom}

Our Master bedroom is almost complete, we did it on a budget! Mainly because what's the point of spending more when you can spend less and get the same effect?

We started with the purchase of this headboard. I always read reviews and this one had some good ones, so we went for it. It was around $240 I want to say with all our discounts and of course free shipping. We decided to go with a king for the new house instead of a queen. It's just more functional with kids that like to snuggle :) Landon was taking up the whole bed in our queen!

It was purchased from Target online. It's the Roma Wingback Tufted Headboard. We are Redcard members (NO it's not a credit card, we have never once had a credit card), which is a Target card that basically pulls straight from your checking account & I love it because we get free shipping + an extra 5% off every purchase. 

I wanted all WHITE bedding & knew that was the look from the very beginning of planning the new house decor. Luckily, my husband just goes along with my decor ideas ;) I figure when it gets dirty, you can just bleach it! That's the idea I have for all of our towels too. I think we will gradually get new towels throughout the house. 

I first had my mom order 2 sets of these AMAZING sheets in white from a family friend that sells them as a fundraiser. They are $30 and SO soft! 

Next I ordered these euro pillow covers from Amazon. They were about $9 a piece. It looks like they have popped up to about $16 a piece now. They are the Fresh Ideas Tailored Poplin Pillow in White. I ordered 3 of them.

I also bought these inserts at Target - they are seriously SO hard to find, so if you ever need some and come across them in the store, you may want to snatch them up. They are around $10 each. I bought 3, of course. These are the Target Threshold Euro Square pillows.

Our next purchases were my all time favorite frames from...wait for it...TARGET! I have said it before, but I'm obsessed with these frames. They are the RE 8x10 matted frame although I periodically purchase the 5x7 depending on what I'm framing. This picture of Landon for his new room was in a 5x7 frame.

This DIY painting on the right for little girl's room was put in an 8x10 frame.

As you can see both look equally as good! Anyway, I am planning to have 3 black and white photos above the bed in these 8x10 frames. I always buy them when they are on sale on the Cartwheel app and use my Redcard as well. It makes them about $13 or so for a matted 8x10 frame! We already have 3 of those, just waiting for our Christmas pictures to get some pics in the frames.

Next purchase, this lightweight comforter from Target. It is $40. It also is periodically on the Cartwheel app as well. So we got it for 20% off of that. I like lightweight down (ish) comforters. My husband does too! It doesn't feel like your wrestling an alligator in the middle of the night. Never fun!

The quilt was probably the most expensive purchase other than the headboard. I was absolutely SET on this Pottery Barn quilt. Then I started questioning myself. Ugh Almost $200 for a quilt!? Surely I can find something similar for less! Nothing. There are TONS of white quilts out there but not this pick stitch pattern. I wanted traditional, not a swirly or geometric pattern. 

After much looking I found this quilt SET at WalMart online. Now let me preface this by saying, you can not tell my husband this came from WalMart...he despises that place with every fiber of his being. But he never reads the blog and if you tell him I'll deny it.....The quilt set includes the quilt and 2 king sized pillow shams! Perfect and $80 free site to store shipping. This is a picture of the set. 

This is a picture of the WalMart Home Essence quilt on the left and the Pottery Barn Pickstitch quilt on the right. Pretty close, huh? 

I'm thinking I made the right decision here, folks! We still need to pick out our nightstands, and a dresser to go under the TV which will hang on the wall across from our bed. I kind of have this Ikea one in mind and maybe I will switch out the knobs and get some that are silver ring pulls or something of that nature. This is the Ikea Hemnes 8 Drawer Dresser. We won't be purchasing this at least until Ikea opens on Sept 10th. 

In other news, we got the dressers for both Landon and our daughters rooms at NFM! Progress! Both were on clearance too! Here is Landon's. I was stopped in my tracks with this one! So perfect!! The detailing is awesome and I think it will be a standout in his new big boy room! 

Up close...

Here is our daughter's dresser. It is so sweet and the cool part: where the purple is you can switch out and make it any color. It comes with black, white, purple, orange - the list goes on and on...I will use white, but when she gets older she may want a color, so she can change it out! Both of the top portions will be white for now though. (We only switched one in this pic). I also plan on getting some gold ring pulls for the dresser as I'm not crazy about the knobs.  

We also ordered the King mattress for the bed while we were there.

Of course, I will post pictures once the room is put together in a few short weeks, hopefully! 


  1. I have that same dresser in my daughter's room. I actually painted one of the panels the same grey as her walls. Love it!

  2. Our headboard is similar but we bought it from One King's Lane :)

    XO Kelly

  3. I came across your blog via Pinterest and am in love! You have such a beautiful family. Congrats on baby #2, keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you Lesa! Sorry just now figuring out how to reply :)