Saturday, September 7, 2013

{Favorites Saturday}

Favorites post is taking place on Saturday morning this week:

BabyGap Semi-Annual Sale- ok so this goes without saying that I love me some BabyGap! They are having their sale and I swear I always have something waiting in my shopping bag in between BabyGap and Old Navy waiting for the total to reach $50 for free shipping (in case you are unaware, I very much dislike paying for shipping), until I find myself on the store buying all the things in my online cart :) Here's a taste of what's in my shopping cart right now! But I am going there today, so may end up buying most at the store

Drew Barrymore's Flower line- A friend at work had on the cutest nail polish and I asked her for two days in a row what it was. She looked at the bottle and let me know it was Drew's new line at WalMart exclusively! I had to do it in secret on my lunch break, because my husband has totally outlawed going to WalMart since he watched a documentary on it that was not in WalMarts favor....but I got it! And I LOVE it! It is the absolute perfect Fall color and I finally found a shade that looks good on my skin tone. FYI- it's called Venus Fly Trap for you curious souls.

Cool, Crisp Mornings- Lately we have been having some cooler mornings and to me this is the perfect weather. It reminds me that Fall is here! We did a big breakfast this morning and I made homemade pumpkin spice lattes {recipe here} in the Crockpot and we ate outside with our pjs on. Does it get more fall than that?

Destin, FL - this place is amaze! The beaches have sand that literally looks like sugar. It's so fine. The water is Crystal Clear and it is the perfect place for families to go to get away! My mom is blessed to have been able to purchase a condo pretty much on the beach. I would say that makes us blessed too! We also have a pool there in case we want a break from the ocean {but why would you?!}I am obsessed with her condo! Such a perfect little beach house. I of course get my post-vacation blues and start itching for the next trip when I get home. I found out in April I can get 9 days off in a row....hmmmm we will see! I miss it so much, love it there! 

My new Zara shoes - omg perfect for fall! My husband says he loves them too! I tied them on with some black skinnies and they are stunning! They came on Wednesday this week - just in time for my lunch date and shopping with my bestie and my baby today :)

I hope you have a great week and hope to see you next Friday!