Monday, October 26, 2015

{holiday clothes shopping}

I always shop early and this Christmas is no exception. I LOVE seeing kiddos in Christmas clothes and hats in the month leading up to it.   Last year my mom and I desperately tried to find the kids some flannel jammies around Christmas.  We couldn't find them, so this year, and normally, I am on the ball as far as Christmas goes for the kids.  I am actually nearly done Christmas shopping for the kids, and for the rest of the family I am mentally done shopping. So far holiday attire for the kids has been cute, but I also did quite a bit of shopping last year after Christmas. 

Target had the CUTEST sparkle/reindeer leggings while we were cruising through the other day. I have a little chambray shirt that I got for Harper to wear with fun leggings over the holidays! 

For Landon, he has the Bozarth Family Christmas shirt from last year that I think will still fit, I also got him a Grinch shirt from Old Navy because he is obsessed with that movie.  Who am I kidding? I am too!! And I also received a Grinch shirt as a Christmas gift last year.
These are the pajamas that I bought for the kids online from Target, literally the only place I could find exactly this look.  I remember us wearing these when we were kids at Christmas so it brings back some memories for me.  Aren't they just the sweetest?

Those are just a few of my recent favorites but I will definitely be sharing more on Instagram and here in the next few months.  

Of course, Thanksgiving is first and I bought THE cutest copper looking banner from Target a while back for Thanksgiving.  I knew it would sell out quick, and go figure it's no longer there!! 

For Christmas, I have also bought THE cutest buffalo plaid pillow to spruce up our living room and some ornaments that I couldn't live without!! I am a sucker for vintage and Scandinavian looking ornaments and decor and this year we are going to do a red theme with black and white and a LIVE tree, which I am so excited about!  I bought a ton of stuff last year after Christmas and I can't wait to pull it all out this year and be surprised again! EEK!!! 2 months from yesterday, can you believe it?! 

Better get to shopping people!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

{coffee date}

I took the kids for a random coffee date the other day.  The weather was perfect fall weather, we had no plans for that day, and needed some fresh air.  Parkville was absolutely screaming our name!

 If you ever visit Kansas City, I highly recommend checking out Weston and downtown Parkville.  Both are cute little communities with little bitty mom and pop shops and the prettiest little parks and amazing trees in the fall!

We didn't really have a plan when we went, but we ended up in Parkville Coffeehouse first.  I don't know that I've ever been there, but Landon was begging for "hot cocoa" and I just couldn't say no.  Plus there were a group of Royals fans outside so I knew I would like the crowd.  Sidenote: Let's clench it tomorrow, eh Royals?

Is this chalkboard perfect or what?

He also got a KC Royals cookie which I made him split with his sister...and me :)

I, of course, got some coffee. 

And he was being cuter than ever so I snapped some pics.  We were probably in there for an hour or maybe longer!

And this picture just warms my heart so much.  I love the chair the boy, the cozy feeling of it all. Heart eyes...all. day. long. 

We walked to the park after the coffeehouse and the leaves were absolutely stunning, as they always are here in KC.  While Landon made friends on the playground Harper Kate got to explore freely and discover leaves.  She was walking everywhere and having so much fun while I chased her!

 It was the sweetest fall day with my two littles + I feel so blessed to be able to share fun things like this with my children!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

{deanna rose in the fall}

If you live in or near Kansas City, it's basically a requirement that you go to Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead in the fall. 

Can you believe we have never been there? Me either! It is free during the week and stay-at-home moms LOVE free things? Amiright? 

I said last Thursday to Landon, "Hey, buddy, do you want to go to the farm tomorrow?" He replied, "YES!".  Then about a hour later, a friend of mine texted me to see if we would be interested in going to the farm the next day! I love when things work out that way.  We packed our lunches and met out there at 10.  It was a perfect day, weather wise and fun wise! We will certainly be back!

This bench says "Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart". I didn't even realize it while she was sitting there, but how perfect?

Later this week, I hope to post pictures from our pumpkin patch visit that was actually the weekend before this....

I would like to end this post by saying GO ROYALS {game 3 against the blue jays tonight!} with some footage from the Royals game I went to from the Astros series +
my cute Royals babies at our Bible Study last week :)


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

{library favorites 10.14 - halloween edition}

Oh my! It's been a hot minute since I blogged, right?

Well, I am back with 3 more favorites from our recent trip to the library! These are Halloween themed.  Halloween has been all the rage up in here.  It's on in my car every time we go somewhere, it's on TV when we watch it.  And of course, books, we go cray over books!

These are the 3 most recent ones we have checked out. I am actually posting in reverse order, because last week we had a bunch of fall books checked out, but I'll post those later :)

These are so cute...can you guess our favorite? Nightmare Before Christmas, yep.  We already know what happens because we watch the movie about once a week, at the very least.  But the book is a fun little reminder of the awesomeness of the movie without the 2 hour commitment. We also have the playlist on Spotify for at home and in my car.....a favorite for sure!

I do like the Jampires book, it's a cute little concept, but books with writing all over the pages drive me bonkers! I know it sounds petty, but I don't even know where to begin and they make me crazy when all the characters are saying different things.  Landon thinks they're funny, but I'm not a huge fan. Anyway, this one is about vampires that are sucking the JAM out of the kids donuts. Cute little book.

I like the simple books.  Ghost in the House is such a cute example of this.  It's a counting book and a simple read for both ages of my children.  They both liked it and you see some classic characters from Halloween: Monsters, witches, and ghosts, OH MY!

That's all folks, go and read to your babies!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

{library favorites 9.23 fall edition}

I'm so excited to show you our fall library favorites today on, this, the FIRST OFFICIAL day of fall!although in my eyes it's been fall for a since July 4th :)

I'm so SO excited along with the rest of the world for the cooler weather, windows open, fresh fall air coming in, soup from the slow-cooker for dinner, Halloween, festivals and fairs {specifically the Plaza Art Fair and the Apple Fest in Weston} and basically anything that has to do with this season. 

I am always excited to show my kids what the seasons and holidays are all about, so I have been searching for season-specific books at our library! We have been reading these, the first round of fall books, for the past couple of weeks.

My favorite is definitely Wherever you go {top left}.  It's not specifically fall but there are leaves falling and a scarf so to me it is.  The I Love Fall and the Footballs and Falling Leaves are books for Harper Kate.  She loves the I Love Fall book because its a touch and feel one.  Those are always favorites. All the books are cute.  Fletcher and the Falling Leaves is our second favorite {bottom left}. Oh yes, ladies, those are painted piggies on my little model too.  There's a first time for everything!

Of course, I also have to add, if you follow me on Instagram @kaileyabozarth, you will probably remember seeing me raving about this recipe book.  I can't wait to try the touchdown chili and the homemade marshmallows.  Such good recipes and such pretty illustrations.  Susan Branch never disappoints she has so much love for life, food and all of the beauty in nature.  I can relate! Actually Harper's baby book is by Susan Branch. 

Coming up soon, round 2 of fall favorites and Halloween favorites of our own and from the library!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

{our weekend}

This weekend was a busy one, on Saturday, that is! I feel like our weekends are always somewhat busy, but always fun stuff and we never miss an opportunity to soak in all the family time we can. My hubby works so hard during the week, so the things we plan are always pretty laid back.
On Friday my in-laws watched the babies and my mom, brothers, Mike and I went out to Q39, a new-ish BBQ place here in KC. Kansas City is obviously known for it's BBQ + we have tried almost all of them and I have to say, so far this one is my favorite, by far! We also went to Manifesto, which is an amazing speakeasy downtown in the basement of an old hotel + got a couple drinks and called it a night. We were happy to have a date night. We call it a date night if the kids aren't with us.

Saturday at 11 was Harper Kate's first birthday party. We just had our immediate family and close friends there. I tried to keep it as small as possible, while still celebrating our ONE year old. You can see the entire party here. It was pretty, girly and the perfect amount of FUN! Here is a little sneak, but click the link to see the full post!

Saturday night we just relaxed at home. Which was nice after such a busy day. I didn't feel like cooking after hosting a party so we scrounged up what leftovers we had and made a dinner out of them.

Sunday we woke up and went to the early mass. I snapped a pic of our babies by the front door because they just looked so darn cute!

Harper took her morning nap after church, I did the grocery shopping for the week + picked up the cutest sunglasses and hat at Target for our upcoming trip and then we went out south to a family day evej t at my dad and stepmom church. 

It was so much fun all free and they had some of the best food trucks in KC there. Fried meatballs on a stick and fusion chicken tacos. Yum! 

Of course, you know I can't resist a food truck park. Or pink baby piggies....

We went to my mom's for more tacos on Sunday night and were ready for bed by 9pm!

Then my Monday morning looked like this + lots of tears. Here's to a new week!

Hopefully your Monday morning wasn't all shots and screaming tears. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

{harper kate's birthday party}

I had so much fun planning Harper's birthday party! Planning for a girly party is all so much fun! I went with no theme, but if someone were to ask, I would call it Anthropologie/boho/rustic...ish.  It all came together so perfectly and I didn't drive myself crazy planning.  It all just seemed like such a breeze, or maybe I'm just getting used to it!

My dream has always been to have a little blue-eyed blondie with pig tails carrying around a baby doll someday. That dream came true this weekend.

Anyway, here are some pics of her special day.  She was so excited that she became a "walker" that day! She has been walking, but she was walking EVERYWHERE on the day of her party. Teardrops....

Salted caramel shortbread bites.  I thought these would be just perfect, because Harper's birthday is basically fall! The flowers were a little warmer and not so bright. The hues used and the wood cake stand add to the rustic fall feel of the party.You can find the delicious recipe for these here. I still can't believe how easy homemade caramel is to make! Definitely a fall staple!

I made both the big cake and Harper Kate's little smash cake.  I loved making them! It was a fun little challenge!

If you can believe it, I made her cake out of a can of corn.  Corn was gone and stickers off.....obviously. I also found that recipe on Pinterest, here. It is also a naked layer cake! Love the mini version :)

The most exciting thing for me as a mother was to give her her very first baby doll.  It's a Baby Corolle, such a classic and this particular one can go to bathtime with her.  They are somewhat pricey, but she loves her baby already.  She also got the stroller, a fall outfit for her baby & the mealtime set.  I can't wait to see all the love this baby gets.  Landon wanted her to sleep in his room last night....He loves this baby doll too!

This kitchen is very cool, it becomes compact and has a handle on the top to carry it around!

And my favorite picture that my mom sent me from that day...

Then before she took her nap we had a little mini-photoshoot because I had my good camera out...


And this picture was my sign to end the photoshoot and put the birthday girl to sleep :)

And then she slept...

And after naptime, our two babies put together Harper's doll crib/high chair/changing table & my heart almost exploded because we feel so blessed to have these two!