Wednesday, September 23, 2015

{library favorites 9.23 fall edition}

I'm so excited to show you our fall library favorites today on, this, the FIRST OFFICIAL day of fall!although in my eyes it's been fall for a since July 4th :)

I'm so SO excited along with the rest of the world for the cooler weather, windows open, fresh fall air coming in, soup from the slow-cooker for dinner, Halloween, festivals and fairs {specifically the Plaza Art Fair and the Apple Fest in Weston} and basically anything that has to do with this season. 

I am always excited to show my kids what the seasons and holidays are all about, so I have been searching for season-specific books at our library! We have been reading these, the first round of fall books, for the past couple of weeks.

My favorite is definitely Wherever you go {top left}.  It's not specifically fall but there are leaves falling and a scarf so to me it is.  The I Love Fall and the Footballs and Falling Leaves are books for Harper Kate.  She loves the I Love Fall book because its a touch and feel one.  Those are always favorites. All the books are cute.  Fletcher and the Falling Leaves is our second favorite {bottom left}. Oh yes, ladies, those are painted piggies on my little model too.  There's a first time for everything!

Of course, I also have to add, if you follow me on Instagram @kaileyabozarth, you will probably remember seeing me raving about this recipe book.  I can't wait to try the touchdown chili and the homemade marshmallows.  Such good recipes and such pretty illustrations.  Susan Branch never disappoints she has so much love for life, food and all of the beauty in nature.  I can relate! Actually Harper's baby book is by Susan Branch. 

Coming up soon, round 2 of fall favorites and Halloween favorites of our own and from the library!

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