Wednesday, October 14, 2015

{library favorites 10.14 - halloween edition}

Oh my! It's been a hot minute since I blogged, right?

Well, I am back with 3 more favorites from our recent trip to the library! These are Halloween themed.  Halloween has been all the rage up in here.  It's on in my car every time we go somewhere, it's on TV when we watch it.  And of course, books, we go cray over books!

These are the 3 most recent ones we have checked out. I am actually posting in reverse order, because last week we had a bunch of fall books checked out, but I'll post those later :)

These are so cute...can you guess our favorite? Nightmare Before Christmas, yep.  We already know what happens because we watch the movie about once a week, at the very least.  But the book is a fun little reminder of the awesomeness of the movie without the 2 hour commitment. We also have the playlist on Spotify for at home and in my car.....a favorite for sure!

I do like the Jampires book, it's a cute little concept, but books with writing all over the pages drive me bonkers! I know it sounds petty, but I don't even know where to begin and they make me crazy when all the characters are saying different things.  Landon thinks they're funny, but I'm not a huge fan. Anyway, this one is about vampires that are sucking the JAM out of the kids donuts. Cute little book.

I like the simple books.  Ghost in the House is such a cute example of this.  It's a counting book and a simple read for both ages of my children.  They both liked it and you see some classic characters from Halloween: Monsters, witches, and ghosts, OH MY!

That's all folks, go and read to your babies!

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