Tuesday, September 22, 2015

{our weekend}

This weekend was a busy one, on Saturday, that is! I feel like our weekends are always somewhat busy, but always fun stuff and we never miss an opportunity to soak in all the family time we can. My hubby works so hard during the week, so the things we plan are always pretty laid back.
On Friday my in-laws watched the babies and my mom, brothers, Mike and I went out to Q39, a new-ish BBQ place here in KC. Kansas City is obviously known for it's BBQ + we have tried almost all of them and I have to say, so far this one is my favorite, by far! We also went to Manifesto, which is an amazing speakeasy downtown in the basement of an old hotel + got a couple drinks and called it a night. We were happy to have a date night. We call it a date night if the kids aren't with us.

Saturday at 11 was Harper Kate's first birthday party. We just had our immediate family and close friends there. I tried to keep it as small as possible, while still celebrating our ONE year old. You can see the entire party here. It was pretty, girly and the perfect amount of FUN! Here is a little sneak, but click the link to see the full post!

Saturday night we just relaxed at home. Which was nice after such a busy day. I didn't feel like cooking after hosting a party so we scrounged up what leftovers we had and made a dinner out of them.

Sunday we woke up and went to the early mass. I snapped a pic of our babies by the front door because they just looked so darn cute!

Harper took her morning nap after church, I did the grocery shopping for the week + picked up the cutest sunglasses and hat at Target for our upcoming trip and then we went out south to a family day evej t at my dad and stepmom church. 

It was so much fun all free and they had some of the best food trucks in KC there. Fried meatballs on a stick and fusion chicken tacos. Yum! 

Of course, you know I can't resist a food truck park. Or pink baby piggies....

We went to my mom's for more tacos on Sunday night and were ready for bed by 9pm!

Then my Monday morning looked like this + lots of tears. Here's to a new week!

Hopefully your Monday morning wasn't all shots and screaming tears. 

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