Monday, October 26, 2015

{holiday clothes shopping}

I always shop early and this Christmas is no exception. I LOVE seeing kiddos in Christmas clothes and hats in the month leading up to it.   Last year my mom and I desperately tried to find the kids some flannel jammies around Christmas.  We couldn't find them, so this year, and normally, I am on the ball as far as Christmas goes for the kids.  I am actually nearly done Christmas shopping for the kids, and for the rest of the family I am mentally done shopping. So far holiday attire for the kids has been cute, but I also did quite a bit of shopping last year after Christmas. 

Target had the CUTEST sparkle/reindeer leggings while we were cruising through the other day. I have a little chambray shirt that I got for Harper to wear with fun leggings over the holidays! 

For Landon, he has the Bozarth Family Christmas shirt from last year that I think will still fit, I also got him a Grinch shirt from Old Navy because he is obsessed with that movie.  Who am I kidding? I am too!! And I also received a Grinch shirt as a Christmas gift last year.
These are the pajamas that I bought for the kids online from Target, literally the only place I could find exactly this look.  I remember us wearing these when we were kids at Christmas so it brings back some memories for me.  Aren't they just the sweetest?

Those are just a few of my recent favorites but I will definitely be sharing more on Instagram and here in the next few months.  

Of course, Thanksgiving is first and I bought THE cutest copper looking banner from Target a while back for Thanksgiving.  I knew it would sell out quick, and go figure it's no longer there!! 

For Christmas, I have also bought THE cutest buffalo plaid pillow to spruce up our living room and some ornaments that I couldn't live without!! I am a sucker for vintage and Scandinavian looking ornaments and decor and this year we are going to do a red theme with black and white and a LIVE tree, which I am so excited about!  I bought a ton of stuff last year after Christmas and I can't wait to pull it all out this year and be surprised again! EEK!!! 2 months from yesterday, can you believe it?! 

Better get to shopping people!

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