Thursday, May 5, 2011

{Organizing is F.U.N.}

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! What are your plans tonight?? We're going to get some Mexican food downtown with my pops and family and my little brother (fresh from a year vacay in the land down under). So, funny story, when DH (dear husband) and I were eating Mexican on Sunday night, I said something like "Cinco de Mayo is this week" and no joke he said back "What date is it?"...blank stare with a burrito in my mouth. Oh he must be kidding? No, people, he didn't know that Cinco de Mayo meant fifth of May...I then proceeded to ask him how many years he's been alive...blah blah blah you know the rest.

Anyway! I am normally bored by organizing tutorials and posts, but not when it happens in my own home!  Not now at least...In the past, when it came time to clean and organize, I was more the type that would go to a room to clean get distracted by pictures, end up looking at them for an hour, go to another room to clean, paint my nails, wait for them to dry, go to another room, play with all my make-up and skin products, get a phone call to go to lunch with a friend, go to lunch, then get to the cleaning {the original task at hand}.  You get the idea.  It was a looooong process.......Not no mo'!...well, not most of the time.  Mr. Hubs would say I'm still that way, I would have to disagree.

I got away from my old habits for a couple of hours to complete this little organization project.  The wheels started turning one night when hubs and I were wasting time after dinner and before our movie at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I spotted these cute little tray organizers and that's when it took a turn...

They fit perfectly in our drawers!

These are our bathroom drawers before. Hot Mess Express.

Can you guess which one's mine? Does the hair flower give it away?
Hubby's supplements or whatever these are went into the *newly* organized linen closet, in the 'other' basket

Random findings
I had 3 pens just lounging around in my drawer and hubby had 3 in his as well.  Great minds think alike...  It makes sense to store pens in a bathroom drawer...doesn't it?  Don't answer that.  Needless to say, they got moved to the desk in the office, and now I don't have to go searching everytime I have a list to make. 

Look how perfectly this one fits!
After.  Whew, much better. 

His, yes that's a mint, he had Starbursts hiding in there too...

I did organize underneath the drawers as well in the bathroom, but those pics aren't nearly as fun. Really boring, but really organized!

I would like to end this post with my brand new aloe plant that I'm in love with.  Who knew terra-cotta pots double as chalkboards?

I got this cutie at the River Market a couple weekends ago with my BFF Courtney.  Look at those pretty flowers, too!

Until next time!

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