Friday, April 29, 2011

{The Royal Wedding}

What an absolutely gorgeous day!  I keep swooning at the photos! I recorded 5 hours worth of coverage from this morning.  I really wanted to see it live, but it did have the same effect watching it only a few hours later....and I was in a better mood because I got to sleep in.  How BREATHTAKING was Kate?  I am absolutely obsessed with her dress.  Perfect choice.  Understated elegance.  I loved everything about this wedding *sigh* to be a royal...

Such a beautiful day and congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!  Tomorrow will be so fun as my girlfriends and I celebrate a soon-to-be bride.  We are taking a train in the morning to Hermann, Missouri and going to various wineries.  It should be a wonderful time, will post a few pictures in the next blog possibly.  Don't worry there will be some decorating stuff mixed in too ;-)


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  1. I found myself stuck to the TV watching for too long. Everything was beautiful though!