Tuesday, May 10, 2011

{Fallin' in Love}

The iron posts were dropped off on our doorstop from Lowe's on last Wednesday; the finishing touches! It's official, we have a MUCH cooler deck! We have been looking so forward to this deck being finished, and it's finally there!  Here are some updated photos that will give you an idea of just how far we've come! Very exciting, indeed!

Please, don't worry, more to come.  We decided to keep the same outdoor furniture for a while and just get new cushions.  We really liked a pattern at Home Goods, but I didn't want to settle...you know me.  I wanted to look around some more.  We need 8 cushions total! 1 chaise lounge, 6 lounge chairs and one bench/loveseat cushion.  They don't necessarily have to match, just blend. I really am going to look at Pottery Barn too.  I always am a fan of the 'classic stripe' and I know they have some outdoor cushions in that pattern....*sigh*

While all of this deck business was finishing up, I was falling in love.  With an artist.  Her name is Katie Daisy.  *sigh* I'm going buy two prints from her website once I make up my mind. I love the messages in the prints, and I just love the feeling these prints give me.  So inspiring! When I first came across her on another blog, my heart really, no really, went pitter-patter {do you think I should get that checked out?}  Be still, my Katie Daisy-lovin' heart, be still.

I can not decide which ones to buy! I'm thinking I love the Rumi quote one {Let the beauty you love be what you do}, and the Ralph Waldo Emerson one {Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air}. I mean don't they make you happy just hearing them?


Do these prints 'fit' with our decor? Nope not really.  We're more Pottery Barn-esque over here.  I normally have two standards for anything that steps foot in our house {decor, not people...although I guess these qualifications would work for people too}: it must have a 'place' and we must LOVE it.  If we say 'no' to one of those things, no dice.  These prints met 50% but that was still passing for me, I would say it was closer an 80% because all the love {on my part} made up for them not having a 'place'. 

These prints just cheer me right up and I know every morning before I go to work or if I'm getting ready to enjoy the day with my hubby, these will automatically put a smile on my face when walking past! You should check her out if you get a chance over at katiedaisy.com and enjoy all the eye-candy.  Prepare to leave with a smile.


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  1. Thanks for the tidbit on K.Daisy! That IS some awesome art! Also, the deck looks very nice (say that in a borat accent), so happy for you guys!