Monday, August 29, 2011

{my love for orchids}

Ok recently I have been just obsessed with orchids.  I bought a live one at Trader Joe's yesterday {SEE COOL PHOTO BELOW}.

I love it so much, but I will also say I am not totally against having fake florals either.  As long as they look real....Enter JoAnn's faux orchid with vase @ 40% off.  I was wanting something with a little substance for my teeny nightstand.  I spotted this the other day and I. LOVE. IT.  It's so adorable where it sits.

I also have spotted a couple on Pintrest that are striking! Here are a few pictures of those....


  Have you ever used orchids in you home? If not you should! It's a proven fact that having live plants in your home is good for your health! It also increases creativity, which my husband would probably say I'm not lacking in at all....and is probably thinking he needs to confiscate my live plants. But they're amazing!

Oh and one more discovery in the last week, Instagram! The free iPhone app.  Look at some of the pictures I have transformed in mere seconds, people! So cool! I can't wait to edit some Christmas light/tree pictures with this app.......

MMMMMmmmmm. I certainly can't forget the yummy mini-monkey breads I made {from an amazing pintrest recipe} while the hubs was away.....I hope you can experience the yumminess!

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