Saturday, October 8, 2011

{Christmas in October?}

Hey there! Happy Saturday!!

My little dog baby woke me up early this morning so I thought I'd do a quick post before I'm off to get my mums and pumpkins so that Mikey can carve and I can decorate with them!! I have seen such cute pumpkins ideas lately, who knows what we'll come up with!!! :)

So, I  was in THE Home Depot a couple of days ago and *accidentally* found myself in the faucet aisle.  This accidentally finding myself in random aisles happens A LOT. Mostly in Home Depot and Target......
Anyway, in Home Depot picking up some stuff and found this pretty faucet that I'm newly obsessed with.

Look at all the other prices of the faucets....Oh well...I'm not letting this one go!

It's oh so pretty!

I put it on my Christmas List board on Pintrest, but I'm thinking I may want it before then.  Isn't she a beauty?? Hubby has always said that he wants one of those spray things to clean the sink/whatever you do with it (I've never lived anywhere that didn't have one, so I think it's weird), so it would make us both happy! These bridge faucets are just so pretty to look at and don't you think you need something pretty like this when you're miserable having fun doing dishes?  

Here are some examples I found on Pintrest of the pretty bridge faucets:





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