Wednesday, July 22, 2015

{this weeks library favorites . jul 26}

This week we picked out about 5 more books and total we have 12 checked out. We sort of had to rush out because Harper spiked a fever during storytime. Went home to see how high because she wasn't acting herself and looked a bit pale. 103 :( my poor baby. I grabbed a couple that they had on display. I am really drawn to cute illustrations more than anything! 

We made a little library picnic outside with Milk and my sprite/lemonade/strawberry yumminess & went to town on these here books! They are all very cute! 

Sea-Rex & Camp-Rex are both by Molly Idle who also wrote Flora & the Flamingo. They are cute little easy reading books! 

Stella Brings the Family is a sweet story of acceptance of all families. They do come in all shapes and sizes ;)

Mo's Mustache is a carefree easy and silly read about on fleek mustaches! 

Go READ to your babies!

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