Tuesday, July 21, 2015

{library favorites}

I'm thinking of starting a little series here. Our library favorites. When we started going to the library I was always looking for books that others thought were good or fun or just with cute illustrations. We have had a couple of duds and we have had some great books! So I thought I would share some of our favorites in the past months, then maybe a weekly series, because we normally hit the library up for storytime on Wednesdays at 10:30 & then check out a million books :)

Paul Meets Bernadette

The Swing

Bunny-Roo, I Love You

Our local library is so amazing. Some people are shocked to hear that we even have a cafe in there. When it was really nice out in the spring/early summer, we would grab our books, grab a strawberry-banana smoothie from the cafe and go outside to read our books. Normally now it's too hot to do that, even in the shade.

We do still go to get the smoothie and read our books. Our library does a summer reading program. For every 24 books you read/are read, you get to pick out a free one. Landon has 2 already, Harper is working on her 1st. She would much rather eat the books than read them.....I am so happy we have a babe that loves to read and hope we can convert Harper. Her pediatrician says "Keep reading to her! My daughter was that way & now she LOVES reading". There is hope! 

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