Saturday, July 18, 2015


Lately, I have been craving anything and everything that has to do with fall. It's really right around the corner & is definetly a season I look forward to all year long. 

It is currently a muggy 95 degrees here in KC, which feels more like 105, but since we have been staying inside, that doesn't even matter!

Now that Landon's birthday and party are complete, I'm so ready for all things fall as I know most people are! I love a baby in a bonnet in the fall and these Stella & Wilbur ones are SUCH a great price that I couldn't pass them up. I bought the cutest reversible one for Miss Harper. She has only worn it on the floral side so far, but there is a chambray pattern on the other side as well. 

I can't wait to order more for fall and maybe a fleece lined one for winter. The problem is there are so many cute patterns, I can't pick just 2! I'm thinking a polka dot one and houndstooth one in black and white. She is so precious in them, not to mention those chubby legs!

I also am also in the market for a gold bar necklace. I haven't yet decided whether to get the babes birthdays in Roman numerals or just their names, but I will definetely be ordering soon. I love having a necklace on daily, a simple one that goes with everything. Here are some I'm considering. Do you have a favorite or a go-to online shop for ordering? Any necklaces you love similar to this? This particular one is from JewelryBlues on Etsy.

Landon chose this book from the library last time we were there & I don't know about him, but I loved it! It's called I Dare You Not To Yawn.

It's the perfect book to read before bed, because it does exactly what it says it will. Makes him, and I, yawn. He is a sleep fighter and this one made us both doze off I to dreamland.

I have been so into braids lately. I get bored with my hair pretty easily & I have had it at the same length for so long that I like to change it up, but am not brave enough to cut the length or change the color. So, braids are the answer for me. They are quick and easy and keep the hair out of my face with just a little more style than a pony tail would. 

With fall right around the corner, the swimsuits are all going on sale. I snatched Harper up some swimsuits from BabyGap, and missed the cut on Zara for Landon. I will have to wait until next year to buy his. The one's we got for him this year should fit next summer too though, so he won't be deprived although I do want to buy a few new ones when they come out with them.  I am not crazy over the boys BabyGap suits but I love the fit of the Zara suits for little boys! These are the 2 I got for Harper Kate for next summer! 

You should check out the suit selections and shop for next year while they are all on sale! 

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