Sunday, March 25, 2012

{25 weeks}

How far along? 25 WEEEEKKKS!
Total weight gain/loss: Dr. Tegeler says 11 lbs. !! I just love him! He said I am perfectly on track {+3 lbs at the 16 week appointment, +3 lbs at the 20 week appointment, and then +5 lbs at the 24 week appointment}and probably won't have much trouble losing the weight quickly. He expects me to gain exactly what they want me to gain, which is around 25 lbs.
Maternity clothes? These shorts are still my size 2 Gap shorts! The top button is unbuttoned though..... ;-)

Stretch marks? no!
Sleep: Sleeping well with the windows wide open! Best sleeping especially with the rain we've had.
Best moment this week: I would have to say a KU WIN! {Baby B was jumping around like crazy when they won!} and the beautiful weather that we got to enjoy this weekend! Here's a Diptic that pretty much summed up my weekend 

Sleepy Cal, my mom making some serious nursery decisions, and Mac and Cheese bites from the Macaroni Grill YUM!
Mama got some lay out time in.  Mike laughed at me and took a picture because I went to lay out in my swim suit when he was mowing the yard, with some baby clothes that a family member gave us to go through, my Fit Pregnancy mag, watermelon, and my tea - oh yea, and my puppy :-) in a two piece.  No shame. 
Check out that bump!

Miss anything?: No
Movement: Absolutely, I think it's funny though any time someone puts their hand on my tummy because he's moving like crazy, he just stops.
Food cravings: Drink craving this week - TEA! I have been trying to keep it in moderation but it's just so good. Not really anything too out of the ordinary food wise this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick: meat, at a BBQ for our friend Janelle's birthday last night, they were making fun of the way I will only eat the outside edge of my is quite strange I suppose....
Gender: We love our BOY!
Labor Signs: No, but I'm almost in the home stretch!

Symptoms: So on Wednesday night I think it was, I woke up screaming in my sleep.  Mike panics and is like "What?! What's going on!!?" I couldn't even talk - seriously - I experienced THE ABSOLUTE WORST pain that I think I have experienced - A Charlie Horse!! {I know, I know - when I told a lady at my work about it, she was like "Yeah, talk to me in July..."}but it seriously was so painful.  Apparently it's very common when you're pregnant for whatever reason, but I still had myself some bananas for potassium anyway.  It hurt for 2 days after that! Yikes!
Belly Button in or out? hmmmm. Plead the 5th.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: I am so happy!
Looking forward to: Completing the nursery and of course meeting our baby boy in less than 15 weeks! Wow! Time really flies!

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  1. You're too cute! And you look amazing in that two piece..... Can't even tell you're pregnant!