Monday, January 20, 2014

{weekend recap: this and last}

So since this week has been pretty busy. Not sure with what, just seemed like there was no time to blog :) I am doing a combo of our last weekend and this weekend. First up, last weekend.

We went to The Great Wolf Lodge on Saturday and met the in-laws and all the grandkids. It was a blast! I think it will become a tradition for the family, which I of course love traditions! I know I've mentioned it before, but there are 14 grandkids on that side of the family. It makes any get together eventful! We dropped the weekend bags off in our room and suited up to go play at the water park for a while. Landon went down for a nap and then we all met for dinner at the Lodge that night. After dinner all the kids put on their PJs and came down for story time. It was so cute! Definitely fun for the kids!

Then there was a dance party, do you think Landon danced? Heck, yes! Tore up that dance floor! After that it was night night time, I had to snap some pics because he looked so cute in his little Lion sleeper and I loved the log headboard behind him. And of course, he's reading about choo choos and his "Nigh Night" {bunny} isn't too far away :)

The next morning, we ate breakfast and went back down to the waterpark to play for a bit! Such a FUN place, I highly recommend it!

This past weekend, my mom, Landon and I went to the lake because Mike had to go into work on Saturday & was planning on watching football all day on Sunday. On the road again, to the lake! My happy place. 

We got down at about 9:30 on Friday and Landon slept from about 20 minutes before we got there to about 7:30 in the morning. I cringe when I can't brush his teeth, but I didn't that night. He was out. I'm lucky he let me change his diaper without waking....


Saturday, we woke up had breakfast at our Tupelo Honey breakfast joint in Camdenton & hit up the outlets, Home Goods & Target! Carters had some great sales and we got some bright, cute stuff for our next trip to Florida this summer! 

Target, it just feels like a necessity every time we come to the lake. We love it! Landon found a new way to ride the carts at Target! So cute, that boy!

We got Landon a potty chair and some snacks! I do not plan on potty training now, but want him to get used to the idea and know that's his potty chair. I also got some fun stuff for Valentine's Day & St. Patrick's Day. I love these two holidays so much!! 

We came home, and relaxed/napped/watched the rain come down until we had dinner :) My kind of day! Wish we never had to leave! 

Luckily, today and tomorrow, Mike and I took some time off work to go to the KU game & stay the night in Lawrence! We are excited for our basically 3 day workweek & of course a date night with just us! Those date nights are SO important even though we miss our babe!!

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