Friday, January 3, 2014

{favorites friday}

1. OPI Mimosas for Mr & Mrs - my best friend is engaged and she asked me to be her Matron of Honor. Of course I said yes! And look how cute the way she asked me was, how could a girl say no to this?! Anyway, the nail polish in the goodie bag was this color and I LOVE it! So soft & pretty & gets me excited for SPRING! 

2. Tom's Wedges - I know these beauties were on my Christmas wish list, and guess what? My father-in-law got them for me! The most comfortable heels ever! I seriously recommend them to anyone looking for a cute heel with leggings! I did some investigating and I'm thinking I also need them in beige and gray....

3. The playoffs - we are hoping for a Chiefs win tomorrow...Well, I am, but my husband especially is. We invited a bunch of our friends over for the game, and we are anticipating Landon giving lots of high fives and fist bumps, and saying "hut hut!" a lot during the game.  My husband came up with a secret beer brat recipe that he's super excited about & we are putting out a blow up Chiefs player that someone blessed us with for Christmas..Yes, in our front yard. I'm married to the football obsessed version of Clarke Griswold. The words, "Kailey, I will only share my secret recipe with you.." came out of his mouth this week at one point.  That, my friends, is true love and I kind of love it {his enthusiasm that is, not sure about the beer brats...}

4. A New Year - Who can complain about another year coming to a close? It was a great year and I'm so looking forward to what our 2014 holds, which I'm sure will be very eventful, just like every other year :) This little dude celebrated the morning after, he couldn't hang until midnight....

I anticipate a New Years Resolution post in the next few days and maybe a New Years recap rolled in! I hope you all enjoy the first weekend of 2014! 

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