Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{home shopping}

Because we are beginning the preliminary stages of finding a new home -  by preliminary I just mean looking daily for what is new on the market - we have a pretty good idea of what we do and don't want in our next home.

Some of the things that we probably won't budge on: that its near the schools that we want our kids to go to, has a neighborhood pool, at least a 2 car garage, and a front porch {please}I would LOVE to have white cabinets too! It just looks so clean, but I would settle on a house that didn't have white cabinets because I can not so easily make them white :). Ideally, we would need 4 bedrooms. One for Landon, one for us, one for another babe & then we'll have the last one for either a 3rd child or a guest bedroom. Whatever God has in store for us ;) 

Either way, I have faith that when the timing is right we will find the perfect home for us & our family. 

I uploaded this photo to Instagram the other day of a newly listed home that I fell in love with online!

Completely redone on the inside and absolutely beautiful! I know because I peeked in the windows like a creep. Don't worry, no one lives there. The outside could use a touch of work because it was a construction zone for a while, and I would probably get a new front door, something like this would be perfect! It had a fresh coat of paint on the outside, and was the absolute perfect home on the inside. And it was a serious steal of a deal! 

We said no, because a) it's not assigned the schools that we want b) no neighborhood pool. Darn! Someone is going to get a great deal out of that house! Lucky duck! 

My husband assured me that we will find exactly what we want and have no regrets two years down the road that we didn't buy a house with a neighborhood pool or that we didn't buy in the Staley area. That's why I love him, he bring me back to reality :) and I have to say I totally agree with him. 

On the note of what I have in mind, here are some photos of the style that I like from my Pinterest board 'Our Forever Home':





You think I like wood floors? via

Bright & airy!! I know not a lot of homes around here look this way. I am seeing tons of homes in this area with dark wood cabinets, which are pretty, but I love a good white, clean kitchen look! I know the style of home we like and won't settle unless I know we can customize it to our my taste {let's be honest, Mike could care less as long as it has a man cave} even if it takes some DIY projects along the way... 

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  1. My husband and I are starting to browse some houses now, too, and our wish lists are pretty much exactly the same! Our pinterest boards look pretty similar, too:) Can't wait to see what you guys find.