Sunday, August 11, 2013

{fall ponderings}

I hardly get time to blog anymore with a super busy, fun, mommy-loving 13 month old, but I love when I get to!

My all time favorite time of the year is quickly approaching, and I couldn't be any more excited than I am! What is it with me? I have festiveness coming out of my eyeballs lately! I think I've said it before and I'll most likely say it again. It is one thing to celebrate the holidays for yourself, but when the joy of a little one lies solely in your hands, you can't help but go a little overboard. Can I get an Amen? 

I can't wait to go to the house out south that I was always taken to when I was little that has copious amounts of Christmas decorations on it! We would always go there every Christmas when I was younger. I had a childhood to be envious of, and I hope my kid{s} can say the same thing some day. 

All this Christmas talk, but I really wanted to talk about what's first on the calendar...FALL!

For me, fall begins after Landon's birthday is over {July 6} or really his birthday party...I know it's not technically when but definitely Labor Day is the beginning of fall 100% for me. It is that date when I don't feel the slightest bad about burning my 1000 autumn scented candles, pulling out the boots and sweaters {even though it probably still is steamy here in KC}, putting some crockpot meals in the crockpot {Crockpot = Fall for me and I pretty much only use it in the fall for some reason??}, drinking my fall yummies, although I get excited about all these things long before that date approaches...

This fall, we are exited to take Landon out to Deana Rose Farmstead with my dad and step-mom so he can see all the farm animals. I hear its super cute in the fall with pumpkins and haystacks all around! Love. 

We also plan to go back to the pumpkin patch with my in-laws and all the grandkids {Landon has 13 cousins on that side - 5 of them are within a year of him and 3 of them are triplets!} they will have so much fun growing up together. Anyway, we do an annual trip to the pumpkin patch, and this year Landon will be way more active than he was last year so it should be pretty fun.
I mean, I hope he's more active than he was last year....looks like he had a good time right??? At least we did? 

I'm hoping to also go to the apple orchard! We always went when I was younger and also went and picked out our own Christmas trees every year!
Possibly this fall we can make it out to Louisburg Cider Mill in Louisburg, KS To try some of their famous Apple Cider and apple doughnuts. I've never turned down a doughnut! Especially a festive apple one!  

I know they all look the same but they're all oh so different and special in their own way!

Also I plan to try out this Fall Sangria that I pinned last year and never made:

Wine, Champagne, apples, pears, cloves and a brown sugar rimmed glass.  Hello, Fall in a, wine glass. Yum!

And in the fall foods department the special will be apple slices on a stick a la this pin! I'm thinking white chocolate and graham crackers! 

 I luuurve Pinterest - Feel free to follow my fall board & all the other ones for that matter

Landon will of course be dressed for the season in some goodies that I got for him overseas in Scotland and I'm just certain BabyGap will outdo themselves yet again. Although I am getting sad that he's almost being forced into the toddler size. Ugh! The baby clothes are way cuter {and he's not a toddler HE'S MY BABY....}. On that note, a while back I posted a pic on Instagram of all the goodies we brought back for Landon {yikes}! We went a little overboard. I said "Landon needed his own suitcase to come home and he wasn't even there!". 

That striped shirt on the right is a fall purchase from Scotland! And it's got denim elbow patches! What?! Who can resist a tot in elbow patches? In the fall? Not me! Eat him up! 

If you don't follow me on Instagram {look up kaileyabozarth}, you definitely should! I probably post an average of 2 pics a day and I think they're fun pics. I LOVE INSTAGRAM! Such a positive group of people and I love seeing others food/drink/ideas 😍

More often than not my posts are about my favorite food/drink of the moment...

Sometimes we take pics of Landon being funny....
Sometimes we do selfies - or OOTD posts {Outfit of the day}
This pic is from March I think...I would like to add that we are the proud parents of a NO Binky baby! He sort of gave it up on his own at about 11 months! Lucky!

A small sample of my over 1000 pics on there. I'm click happy! So what?

On another {still exciting} note, and because this started out as a home/nest blog after all, Mike and I started talking about moving out of our house into a bigger one! So exciting for me to think about, of course I have downloaded the Reece & Nichols, Trulia, annnnd the Realtor apps on my iPhone and am checking them out daily. It probably won't be for another year or so, but its still nice to see what's out there. I feel blessed to have the house that we do. I get so many complements on this house and its so homey, we have really made if our own. It will be sad to leave our "baby" {as in housebaby...}but we are excited to move on, when the time does come.

Happy Fall, Ya'll! I hope you can squeeze in as much fun festiveness as I plan to!

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  1. Kailey:
    You are so adorable. I loved this post. I am, too, very excited for Fall! Hope you are doing well!