Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{Wainscoting Adventures: Day Dos}

Well, as much as I hate to say it, there is going to be a "Wainscoting Adventures: Day Tres".....We worked sort of hard today.  We didn't really stress about it...well, Mike didn't.  I was kind of a drama queen/diva today (at least I admit it).  I messed up on the measurements and Mr. Hubby just cut where he saw the lines, I sort of freaked because I didn't want to got to the Depot again!!! They should probably know me by name now anyway.  There was a slammed door in the midst of the measuring/miter saw fiasco.  We were not friends for about 3 minutes.  It was short lived and we got it all figured out, kissed on the stairs when we were passing each other, and I, yes I, apologized first.  Then all was right in the world again.  No biggie I just have to get a little more molding on my lunch tomorrow...Is it the end of the world? Maybe...Should I have been mad at my hubs? Nope. I was wrong! Moving on, let's not dwell on my wrongness any more than is necessary.
Oh, and to thank me for all the miter sawing I made let him do, he made me a crab dinner complete with sweet potatoes, carrots, and rice! Yum.  Be jealous, ladies!

I love love love our compound miter saw.

I have about three pages front and back that look like this! I can do math!

Progress! This was the first piece up on the wall.
 The chandelier! Oh, the chandelier! I love this piece of art! I am so grateful that I spent the $3 on this beauty.  I thought we would have a difficult time putting it up, it had some older looking wires.  We turned off the breaker for the guest bedroom.  It literally took us 15 minutes.  I was holding it and Mike was connecting the wires.  Went downstairs flipped the switch, and we had a beautiful light fixture! It was so simple that I want to get one for the kitchen and re-finish it! I thought for sure it would be an hour ordeal.  Boy, was I wrong! I was so BEYOND excited.  Like, literally people, jumping up and down, smiling ear to ear, kissing my husband.....all for a chandelier....Oh, my exciting life!  I even told Mike, "It's like God is looking down at us and saying you guys really worked hard and did a lot, I think you deserve to have the chandelier be easy to install..."Hallelujah!!!! I opened the shutters and turned on the light tonight so all of our neighbors could see my new light and be green with envy.
Chandelier in it's new home. It's so gorgeous here!

Again, the one wall we finished.  I was so proud to get that far! Obviously, it needs painting and caulking AND spackling, and I'll add some sanding in there too for good measure.

This is what it will look like with the chair rail type board, It's not attached yet, we just held it up to see what it would look like.

So pretty.  I'm happy with the progress. I expect to be totally done by Sunday!
 Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day!

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