Saturday, April 23, 2011

{Corkboard Jewelry Organizer}

I found pictures of this project from OCTOBER {I know this because there was a picture of my pumpkins right before and one of the Red Barn Farm right after these ones} in my phone this morning and thought I would share.  It was such an easy project and one that I think many many girly-girls like myself, would appreciate.  P.S. The only way this project works is if you have separate closets, and we do!  I figured I would give mine some sass.

I began with a $ .50 cork board from some thrift store I stepped into.  I didn't find any other treasures on this particular trip, except for a pretty beat up looking cork board.

I have SOOOOO much jewelry, it's a little ridiculous...and I like to be able to see it all when picking out an outfit.  Yes, some people hang jewelry from their walls, or have a jewelry box.  I decided I would cover said cork board with a pretty little fabric, put some pretty little hooks on it and hang all my pretty little jewels!

I glued all the edges with my handy dandy glue gun.  She's about on her final leg as we speak.  She's beggin' me for mercy. Then added the little white hooks, I believe they're from Tar-jay. 

I made them even all the way across.  Luckily it was a geometric pattern which made it easy to get the hooks even.  Then you can hang all the gobs of jewelry that you never get to see because it's hidden away in a jewelry box!  I hung earrings, bracelets, and obviously necklaces.  And now I'm even putting my headbands along the top!  It's leaning up against the wall in my closet on top of a small dresser in there.  This makes me smile when I swing open my closet door in the morning! You should try it.

More projects in the works but I don't want to bombard anyone!

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