Monday, April 4, 2011


without interest, vigor, or determination; listless; lethargic:a lackadaisical attempt.
lazy; indolent: a lackadaisical fellow.
1760–70; lackadais y (variant of lackaday) + -ical

lack·a·dai·si·cal·ly, adverb
lack·a·dai·si·cal·ness, noun

2.  slothful, unambitious, idle.

Yep, that sounds about right.... That's exactly how I'm feeling right about...meow (as Mr. Hubs would say).  Is our wainscoting project finished? Finally!  For about three days, all we had left to do was put up two more chair rails.  We felt much better relaxing and just leaving the door closed until the urge to finish it came.  It showed up this morning at about 8:00 a.m.  Check out the pictures, we haven't moved the bed back in yet, I think it looks sooo great! Way better than I ever expected! Thank goodness, many things could have gone wrong and didn't!

Please use this as a 'before'...for the dresser that is.  I'm about to refinish it!

It's perfect! Way better than I anticipated we would do!

Big projects like this are seriously so much to take on.  I think I get so excited about the result that I don't think about everything that must go in to it to make the result.  My husband surely would agree.  Mike, not a word from you, not. one. word. 

I have been enjoying, yes enjoying, this humid weather (just happy it's not freezing) and drinking a lot of this...

Raspberry Iced Tea
via Taste of Home

and just r.e.l.a.x.i.n.g...Whew! I LOVE this weather, when we can open all the windows and just let the fresh spring air in.  Especially after it rains. My Favorite!


A side note: I want to thank everyone for their support on our blog and our ongoing projects. What a blessing it is to be able to do these projects with my sweet loving hunk of a hubby.  We just love doing home projects!! I love seeing something go from 'eh' to 'so cute' at the mercy of my hands.  It's a hobby, like reading, or shopping (which I love too), cooking, or playing with kids (we have not had a little blessing...yet) is to some people.  What a lucky couple we are to be able to play around with our house and make it our own before we can welcome a little one into the world.  To make it a home, not just a house, for us, for our future children, for our family.  We are making it EXACTLY what we want in a home.  It's so important (to us) to have this time in the first year or so, after wedding but before children, to make this house our home.  Who knows how long we will live here, but I do love this house and will take a wild guess and say that our first child will be born here and that's all the more reason to make it a loving, sweet, comforting and organized home...NOT a house, but a home.

"A House is Made of Bricks and Stone, A Home is Made of Love Alone."

I saw this quote when I was very young at a friends house while at a sleepover in a frame on the wall.  It has stuck with me this long.  I still vividly remember seeing that saying in the frame and thinking 'what a great quote'.  I was no older than 10.  Same mind set today.  

I also love the fact that instead of sitting in front of a computer or TV screen all day, we are doing something where we get to communicate and interact.  It's nice to have a common goal that you both are working towards, and that the other person is just as excited as you are about the progress and the end result.  

I will forever do projects.  I will do projects when I have babies and when my babies are grown, I will still do projects.  Imagine your favorite thing to do in your free time (if you say 'cleaning' you have and open invitation to my house, anytime, don't even call, just come on over)...OK got it? It's your hobby, right? This is mine.  Crafting, decorating, and making this house our home. :-) I hope you enjoy my hobby.

On another note, HOLY INSPIRATION at Pottery Barn on Saturday afternoon. They have seriously outdone themselves for Spring 2011!  Did you guys see that PB classic strip (l.o.v.e.) outdoor pillow.  I want it in 'stone' so bad! Like about 4 of them, please.  We need some new furniture for our NEW deck AND they would be so cute out there.  Hubs says I can't have everything I want... What the wha???!!!Who the who??!! Can too, fool!  The deck guy is starting in about two weeks methinks.  Which means we are going to have to tear out a ton of our landscaping in the back before it starts to bloom.  We are going to be so busy.  I did buy some lavender today to start on my garden.  I. love. me. some. lavender...

Did you know that lavender just takes full sun and really requires no maintenance? What an amazing bloom!  It reminds me of New Zealand because they had a ton of lavender over there, plus it's my favorite fragrance so it only made sense to have some.  I'm going with a purplely-french looking garden theme.

And these knobs.  Get real people.  

The PB knobs that I had in my hand.  Beautiful, but $11.  Not bad for all you non-DIY thinkers, but I knew I could make my own version of them!

I literally brought these up to the cashier lady and was like "I'm taking these, can you hold them here?" Then, as I'm walking away I whipped a 180 and was like "ugh scratch that..I'm going to MAKE those. Oh, yes" She looked at me like I was the Creature from the Black Lagoon, like I don't care what you do, just leave my store, um, now-ish.  Of course, I didn't I stayed for a few more minutes to steal some DIY ideas.

I already had the knobs on hand.  The old ones from our guest bathroom have just been collecting dust (what I have dust in my house? No way...) under the sink in there.  Remember, I replaced them with the cute jute knobs?

These are the little beauties before.  And I do love them as they are, but you know I love "His" and "Hers" things.  We don't like to share, and Heaven-forbid we get confused about who's pillow is who's or who's drawer is who's...I kid.

There will be an update on these possibly tomorrow depending on if I can get to them! I'm so excited!

ALSO, I have been working on a little DIY that I saw on a fellow blogger's website.  Her husband is deployed and for every day he's gone she does a project! What a great idea!  What a great way to make the days go by with a little fun in them.  

Her website is called Faith's Place. I originally came across this link, about pictures frames I think based on the title. But I seriously seriously zeroed in on the drapes in the kitchen.  I literally stopped and stared.  I have been looking for drapes like this for so long.  I asked her where she got them before even looking further to see if there was a post about them - which there was. I was willing to pay anything I love these!  So when I found out she just bought white drapes from Targé (Target) and painted them with leftover wall paint, I freaked!  So easy!

Faith's Place

I love classic stripe anything from PB and this reminds me of that.  I think I'm going to paint my kitchen this color, too!  It's so clean and perfect for a kitch!  The color is on her walls and the curtains! I'm not too proud to copy off of a fellow blogger!  I think it will go perfectly with the black and white cabinets we are going to get this summer!

ALSO, (geez how many topics can I cram into one blog post?!?) we finally bought a new vacuum.  We haven't had one in the house for about 2-3 months.  When I spilled the grout from the basement tiles on the carpet downstairs right after we had it put in oops... I tried to vacuum it up with our then vacuum and it stopped working.  I killed two birds with one stone, which is normally a good saying but not for me that week, the carpet and the vacuum...I didn't have a happy husband to say the least.  So we have been borrowing my mom's Dyson which I LOVE!  I was completely set on buying a Dyson, there was just no other option.  Someone, cough*Mike*cough, was like "WHAT?!!?? $400 for a vacuum?!? You obviously have lost your mind, here I'll help you find it.." So I started weighing other options.  People were comparing the Hoover Windtunnel Rewind Bagless Upright to Dyson online....Hmm With a $300 difference in price I thought we could check it out. 

Let. Me. Tell. You. People.  This vacuum sucks!  No, I mean it sucks in a good way, like EVERYTHING off the floor.  I'm in love!  You know you have a good vacuum when you want/look forward to vacuuming.  I think my favorite part is that you can see all the dust, hair, and pure grossness building up in the dirt cup.  Yum.  Two benefits over the Dyson: It has cord rewind. LOVE.  I just press a button and the cord whips right back into place, instead of spending five minutes while rolling my eyes wrapping the cord around the stupid little things on the back of the vacuum.  And, it freshens the air as you vacuum.  Take that Dyson.

Before you leave this looooooooonnnnnngggg post (I just noticed, sorry), check out the new About Us section tab up top.  It's adorable. 


  1. Kailey,loved reading this one! Thanks for sharing your heart& home :) I seriously think you should start up your own decorating business! So much fun that you & Mike get to do thus together,so looking forward to the day Matt. & I can DIY it up.

  2. I am glad you were able to experience my Dyson, you little tightwad. xxooo mom

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dining room! Great job!

    I might have to try the curtains!

    Dysons are definitely worth the money. But I hope your hoover continures to work great!