Friday, September 16, 2011

{Happy Friday!}

Yay!! Guess what day it is....FRIDAY! I love having weekends off! Plus having Jeans Friday's don't hurt..... 

 After a whirlwind month of travel for both Mikey & I in August, we both felt like we hadn't spent enough time together....and we didn't like it.  We've been cooking {thanks to my friend Lauren at work. She is inspiring, as she & her hubby cook together every night & she's 6 months pregnant!} full-blown meals together and taking long walks with our fur baby & just spending some quality time together. I don't like not being with my hubs!! 

Last night I made artichokes! YUM! My mama used to make these all the time when I was younger.  I can remember my aunt and cousin coming over and we would just devour the artichokes at our kitchen table! I made them not too long ago because my hubby is sort of a health nut & I thought he would like them...Well he LOVED them, so I made them again. It's so simple and filling, too.  I just do some olive oil with Italian breadcrumbs.  Cut the tips off the leaves with kitchen shears, spread out the leaves and pour as much of the olive oil/breadcrumb mixture as you can shove into the leaves. Boil some water and in go the artichokes for 30 minutes or so...and YUM! You will not be disappointed!

I also made time in the past couple of weeks to fix up my sad looking rain boots.  I got these in college and you can tell.  Yikes! These puppies have been through some muddy rain puddles in their lifetime. I can remember wearing these to the bar while it was raining, and splashing in every puddle...on purpose.  I believe there is a picture somewhere of it, actually.  

I decided to make them a little custesy with some grommets and ribbon.  I returned the ribbon 3 times, because it wasn't the right weight.  It has to be a heavier weight ribbon to work and outlast the wear & tear and sometimes you can't tell just by looking at the roll. 

After {an iPhone pic of course}

This was the morning after our BAD storm! Notice our tiki torch nearly on it's side.... 
I made the holes with a grommet kit, it looks like that's the way I bought them, adorable. I also bought a gray ribbon with white polka dots for if/when I get bored of the red. 

And guess what, I have worn them many times since this picture was taken & plan to wear them this weekend as I hear it'll be rainy.  Sometimes I don't mind those lazy, rainy weekends. I have no plans this weekend except for a baby shower on Saturday.  I'm thinking some nap time and some serious fall/winter shopping is in order! 

I hope you all have a nice weekend!

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  1. Great job on the boots, love them! I couldn't agree more, nothing better than lazy rainy weekend :)