Monday, December 19, 2011

{birthday time]

For my birthday, I didn't need anything! However.....I wanted a few things. My mama and I went out to NFM a couple weeks back to look around.  We saw some cute things.  I had been looking casually for a floor mirror for our bedroom.  We have one of those cheap tiny ones (that I got in college) ya know, those ones you have to lean against the wall a 45 degree angle and walk all the way down the hallway just to see your outfit.


I wanted to buy the mirror that day.  My mom told me 'no'.  Imagine the look on my face.  I was like "What? Why?! I'm buying it.  It's exactly what I'm looking for".  She said, "No, you have a birthday and Christmas coming up...don't buy it." And so I didn't.

Much to my surprise when I got home yesterday from getting my hair did, there was a box that took up half of our hallway.  I started investigating, like WTH is this??? Opened it and jumped up and down.  I get excited about furnishings, just FYI.  I am really strong when I want to be and leaned it up against the wall by myself.  This sucker is HEAVY! Seriously.  I am absolutely in love.  I told Mike, pictures don't do this thing justice.  It's awesome.  When you're looking in it you can see yourself plus about 5 feet above and below you.  It's amazing.  It makes the room look HUGE, too! She also said she really lucked out because it was their very last one! Lucky! Thanks Mama!

Where's Calvin?

That little red bag is full of items to secure it to the wall.  Not hang but just secure it.  Possibly a good idea if you have little babies running around. Hmm.  They actually advised on the back:  DO NOT HANG! This mirror is too heavy to hang and could result in serious injury or damage to the item. Good to know.

We went to a 'romantic' dinner at Red Lobster :-).  It just sounded soo good.  I got made fun of at work for it.....They asked me where we were going out to eat, thinking I would say Houston's on the Plaza or something. Nope I wanted to get down on some crab legs and cheddar biscuits! Yum!

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