Monday, July 16, 2012

{Back in the Game - Maternity Leave Version}

Maternity leave - ahhhh.  I know people say it's not a vacation, it's hard work, but I must say.  It has been a nice vacation for me! We are blessed to have an awesome baby.  He would sleep through the night, but our lactation consultant just informed me that I should be waking him every 4 hours to eat.  I was waking him at first, but many people said they never woke their baby, so I stopped.  We are trying to get him back up to his birth weight of 9 pounds.  He's 8.7 now. Still a healthy baby boy, but just need to put on a couple more ounces and it should be smooth sailing.

Since I am feeling overly well, with literally no pain, I thought it time to knock out a project that I've been wanting to complete for the last week  a while..... =) My mom, Landon and I went to Kirkland's the other day and although it's rare that I find stuff I absolutely LOVE in there. I hit the JACKPOT this time there.  I got two awesome picture frames for 5 bucks a piece.  I love the color! Creamy gray. Then a huge 11x14 for $10 that will hold our favorite of Landon's newborn pictures.  Also I bought a mirror that I loved, the only problem was it had a stand.  It was like a vanity mirror type deal.  While in the store I told my mom that I wanted to hang it on the wall.  So we proceeded to break the stand part off, just to make sure that it would come off and that it would be able to hang on the wall.  Not sure what we would have done if it didn't break so well {oops}.  I joked with my mom that I should say, this is broken can I get another 20% off, but figured that's a little shady {not that breaking it in the first place wasn't.......}

Anyway, it was about $8. So total I spent about $35 for basically the whole gallery wall, because I had the main picture up already and the 5x5 canvas with our wedding song lyrics on it was about $2 {already had the paint for it and the marker}, and the Anthro inspired 'B' was about $5 painted black then spray painted in a metallic that I already had.  LOVE

I am painting STRIPES in the hallway!! So excited!!  Here are some of my inspiration pictures. The first one more so than the 2nd.

Love it - I am so excited to start painting!! I'm going to wait until the hubs goes back to work to start so we can soak up as much time as a new family of 3 as possible, but then "It's go time!" as my Dear Husband says. And not to worry, Landon will not be in the house while mama is painting =)

I can't call this post complete until I post of picture of my favorite men. I am just loving life right now!

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