Sunday, October 7, 2012

{DIY Tray Table}

So, I'm not sure how great of an idea this was with little kiddos running around our house in a short year or two, but I love the look!!! My inspiration was this tray table from World Market.  I fell in complete and utter LOVE with it, my husband said, "Really? $100? Surely you can make something like that for a lot cheaper...." I walked away pouting and dragging my feet calmly, brainstorming how I could make something like this on the CHEAP! Challenge accepted, husband!

Here is the before (from a garage sale $3 for 3 tray tables - I only used one...) It was really gross and had dust and spider webs all over it...YIKES!:

Here's my version:

not too shabby - my husband said he likes it!


Tray from JoAnn.  About to be spray painted black and also a piece of silver scrapbook paper for the top of the tray!

Of course here are some pics of my fall-lovin' baby!

 Happy Fall! Until next time!!

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