Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{Landon's Very First Easter Basket}

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the holiday's with a child bring out the kid in you again!  I get so excited for the holidays now.  I plan plan plan, so everything is just perfect for him and that we are creating some awesome memories.  His outfit is planned in case it's cool or warm {two different ones of course}. It looks like we will be wearing the cooler weather one - even though it will be about 65 degrees with any luck, because the warmer weather one is shorts :/.  There will probably still be snow on the ground on Sunday...sadly....You know because it's normal to get snow in the spring right?

We are planning on doing Easter egg dying the night before at my in-laws with all of Landon's cousins, then church as usual the next day, 1st Easter dinner, then an Easter egg hunt with all the littles, then our 2nd Easter dinner at 3 with my side! Busy but fun day!

I started planning for Easter, oh ya know, around Valentine's Day...I knew I wanted to get him an Easter basket that he can use for years to come.  I found the blue basket at JoAnn around Valentine's Day, that's also where I found the bunny ears {love those things}.  I got them both on the same day. And then it started: my crazy Easter addiction!

Next, I wanted to get him some books, so he could start to see some pictures and {not understand I know}enjoy this special day.  I got two books, "The Story of Easter" and another little book called "Flip, Flap, Fly" that I thought looked really springy and is such a sweet book {yes, I read in in the middle of the aisle in Barnes & Noble}.

I also went a little crazy in the dollar aisle at Target one day and bought a bowtie {it matches the basket AQUA!} and a little bib that says "Mommy's Little Bunny".  I also got a little carrot rattle by Bunnies by the Bay at a boutique when we were in Lawrence that is a stuffed carrot! CUTE! And perfect!

I bought a JellyCat bunny for our little Landon as well, THE softest little bunny in the world! I also got a chocolate Easter bunny {for him ;)....} because what Easter basket is complete without a chocolate bunny?  OK, OK it was more for mommy & daddy than our 9 month old, but it's still going in the basket...along with some pastel eggs that I will probably fill with Puffs & Yogurt Melts.  He'll be more interested in the eggs anyway, who cares what's inside right?

Lastly, I ordered a personalized basket liner from an Etsy shop.  Although I liked the Pottery Barn ones, I didn't love them and I love Landon's basket, so I was on a mission to find one that matched his basket...I would post the link, but the shop owner made one specially for us! I sent her a message and she said she was no longer making those, but she said she would make this one exception! I was delighted!

 I can't get enough of Etsy, such cute things! Just ordered $50 worth of birthday stuff for Landon's birthday party on there....it's in July......what!? I'm sure there will be a post on that as well :) Oh yeah, back to the liner. It's blue and goes so well with his basket.  I just found out I'm off work on April 1, and I love having the day after a holiday off! I will post pictures of all of the Easter fun that we have! Can't wait!

Tata! Happy Happy Early Easter to all!  May this be your best Easter yet! I think it will be ours.


  1. What Etsy shop is the basket liner from? Our little guy will be 10 months at Easter, and I'm not overly crazy about the PBK ones either, as you mentioned.

    1. Hi Lisa! It is from the Etsy shop Threads Of Fancy! Super inexpensive for a monogrammed basket liner as well!