Tuesday, September 30, 2014

{two weeks of Harper Kate}

This little lady has now been around for 2 whole weeks! I can't believe how quickly time flies! It feels like yesterday we were snuggling our little lady in the hospital & now it is time for my husband to go back to work tomorrow. I will miss him during the day so much! 

Here are some more photos from the last week. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen all of these. I promise I don't plan to chronicle Every. Single. Week. But so much changes in the first 2 weeks and we have been BUSY!!

She is already so much more awake than she was last week. She is definetly more fussy and wants to be held. She is easy to get calmed down when she is crying though.   Landon is loving his little sister. When he gets in trouble or when we tell him "No" he says "Shh Harper Kate's seepin'" to try to change the subject from him getting in trouble. He snuggles her every chance he gets and we were trying to keep them apart for a while because we thought Landon was sick. Turns out it was allergies getting him down. 

This was the first outfit I bought for Baby Bozarth #2 after I found out I was pregnant. It would work for a boy or girl, but look how cute it is on my girl 😘

Landon helped his daddy put together the new stools for the kitchen counter. And then had breakfast on them the next morning. 

Sleeping beauty

Homemade pancakes or 'cancakes' as my little terror calls them for breakfast on Sunday. 

He said he wanted to go potty and then chucked my phone in it 5 minutes later...#YoureInTimeOutForever

Our neighbors brought us some beautiful mums for our front porch as a little welcome to the neighborhood gift. We LOVE our neighborhood!

Before the big MNF Chiefs WIN!

I will never get over these little booties. She will probably wear them every single day this fall/winter :) 

Birth Story up next! So exciting!


  1. Okay a few things:
    1. Your house is gorgeous!
    2. Your children are even more gorgeous
    3. I can't wait for the birth story! They are my favorite things to read.

    Congrats on your little beauty!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH! Did you get to read the birth story?

  2. Aw what I prefect little post! Harper is adorable, you have a beautiful family :)

  3. First of all, that outfit and those booties are just too precious and adorable!! Also, the toilet pic and the pic of your little boy eating at the counter made my heart melt. :) I'm expecting a baby boy, so I feel as though pictures of little boys just melt my heart these days! And yours is SUCH a cutie!! :)
    It sounds as though life is busy for you... but absolutely lovely too. :)

    1. Aw boys are SO SO fun and never a dull moment!

  4. She is so precious! I also love that you have peanut butter with pancakes, best thing ever!