Wednesday, December 3, 2014

{thanksgiving 2014}

Thanksgiving this year was so fun as always! 

We started out the day with one of my favorite things on this day, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!! So much fun and such a fun tradition to make breakfast {and drink mimosas like we did} and watch the parade together as a family before more family fun! 

After breakfast everyone gets a shower and bath and Landon ran around in his new {to him} robe. It is actually my brother's robe from when he was younger. I was going to get Landon one for Christmas just like it and then spotted this one at my moms, washed it and it works just perfectly! Even has John's name embroidered on the front! Loved it!

After that I of course had to get a pic of the two of them together. I kind of want to make this a holiday tradition. This was the absolute best we could get. That was after my husband bribed him with a sucker... Harper Kate was a hot mess too during this whole sibling Thanksgiving pic fiasco.

She did give us some BIG smiles later in the day and was on the verge of a laugh. Not quite there though. 

Landon got to play with 6 of his 13 cousins on my husbands side. He was in heaven. All the kids are very close in age.

After the in-laws, we went to my moms and her table was gorgeous as always! 

And we snapped a family photo to round out the holiday!

Cheers to another great Thanksgiving. I am thankful for this beautiful life we have created, the closeness of our families, and our health! I hope you ate lots of turkey and pumpkin pie! 


  1. Nothing better than the Macy's day parade with mimosa in hand. Also your tree is beautiful!

    1. I agree! Definetly a tradition I want to keep ;) and thank you. I have made some changes on the tree since then and have a post coming shortly!