Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Found It!!

I found it, friends!! What you may ask? I had almost given up hope of ever finding a cheap old chandelier that I could make beautiful until two days ago, walking around one of my favorite antique stores (River Market Antiques.  If you ever visit KC you will find many gems in there) I FOUND IT!! The chandelier! Ahh so pretty, the gold has GOT to go but look at the shape.  Literally just what I was looking for.
I feel it maybe was mismarked. One price said $10 and one said $3, so I stuck with the $3 price tag because one thing I've learned from working retail is that they have to honor whatever price is on the item. Even if it is wrong.  Even at $10, this would have been the DEAL OF THE CENTURY!!
I'm planning on priming and then spray painting it Heirloom White.  I may at some later date add some little crystals as there are some tutorials for that online and I can tell it's very simple! I am so excited to get our guest bedroom looking a little more French/shabby chic.  It will also be an easy transition to a nursery when that time comes!
Yet another project for that room has taken off. EEESH, our guest bedroom is making all the other rooms in the house GREEN with envy.  We started taping the walls in there to map out where the wainscoting will be. Let me tell you after every piece of tape that went down, I got more and more excited.  This room is really coming together exactly how I want it to and I can't wait to see the final product. Don't lie, you can't either! I can see it in your eyes...
The wood that we bought for the middle molding was $1 for each piece and one will cover a whole wall (THAT'S $5 for all that wood!)! I got an extra one just in case. I'm a novice at big DIY projects and Lord knows I need that extra room for mistakes!  We still do need to get the molding for the picture frame boxes.  This may be the cheapest project ever! On another note, I love our compound miter saw! It makes projects like this SO easy!!
Here are some pictures of the taping process.  The blue tape is obviously where the molding will go.  Moving right along. Woohoo!
That's all for today. You saw the beginning of some projects, stay tuned for the happy endings!

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