Monday, March 7, 2011

Vacation Inspirations and Other Ramblings

Before I begin today, I would like prayers for my family, especially my Uncle Ed and his family. We lost one of our family members last Wednesday for a terrible reason. My cousin Andy was 41 and had two beautiful daughters, so everyone please say a quick prayer for the Enderson family.
On a happier note, and completely unrelated to my house blog as well, we found a puppy last night! Long story short, he had no tags except a rabies vacc. # so we had to wait until the clinic opened this morning to find the family. We had just the sweetest overnight guest. What a lucky family to have such a great dog! Look at how sweet he is...My little Buppy...
Next topic, before I start contemplating stealing him back from his family to be my forever dog.

New Zealand Inspiration

Yes, This blog post is going to be very random. We went shopping. If there was something I liked I took a picture of it. Simple.

Every single one of my inspiration pictures for NZ were taken in the tiny community of Arrowtown. It was the cutest little town about 10 minutes from where we stayed. Look at this sweet little restaurant in Arrowtown.
These mini vases came as a pair. They were connected on the side. I thought they would be so precious on my nightstand, or in the kitchen in our little catch-all tray. They had an $85 price tag...for these little things. I bet know I could replicate these for much less using cheap glass from HobLob and spraypaint.
You know I love my burlap, and anything French looking!
In NZ, they serve water in these bottles. I say we do this in America, much less work for waiters/waitresses and they look so cute here don't they?
Oh, Pillows, How I Love Thee!
Oh, Baskets, How I Love well...
Ok, see the Paris basket? I just decided what I'm going to do with the chest (below) that we acquired from my mother-in-law yesterday. I just think it's so functional that I couldn't let her give it to disabled veterans! Hey, I can use that!!
I'm going to sort of white wash it with Heirloom white and then paint our wedding date, or "Paris" or something of that nature on it. Our bedroom has sort of a romantic French feel. It's so peaceful! I'll keep you posted on that project
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this saying. I wasn't quite sure where I would put it though. Solution? Write it on my chalkboard. Pefect!
Have I showed you my cute guest bedroom? Well now I have an excuse? See that little furry white pillow that is a real sheepskin (not really their skin) their fur (?) pillow. And I kept seeing them all over NZ I finally had to have one and bought it. I was thisclose to buying two but didn't.
Hope you enjoyed today's post. I think I set a record for the closest together posts ever! Love

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