Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vacation Inspirations

We're baaaaaack! Our New Zealand vacation was absolutely AMAZING!

I got to thinking while we were over there how lucky we truly are. We are able to have a lovely little home, all the love in the world within both of our families, not to mention our marriage, and the ability to see the world. How many people really, truly, get to travel and see the whole world? Not many. Not many are able to, and I really feel happy and blessed for that reason.

From when I was little, travel has always been really big in our family. My parents love to travel and instilled that into us kids. Maybe that's partially where mine and both of my brothers' creativity comes from. My little brother Johnny is very creative and into art, decor and fashion. My other little brother, Kyle, is very adventurous and actually lives in Australia! Next stop Brazil if it's up to him. We have no fears and are able to chase our dreams thanks to our upbringings. I love it! So grateful! If you can imagine the most beautiful peaceful place, New Zealand would be it. Here is a family picture from New Zealand:

My mom, Mike, myself, Johnny, & Kyle

This was taken on a boat in Milford Sound. It is said to be the kind of overpowering place where "poets run out of words"...and let me just tell you, it was breathtaking!

And another for good measure..

Folks, I took 544 pictures on this trip. Blogger would be mad at me if I uploaded all of them, and, par for the course, I don't have the patience. I will, however, upload the chosen ones to my Facebook page so my LUCKY friends can see them! Ahh I want to go back what a breath of fresh air!

While we had a layover in San Fran on the way there, we went to visit my cousin at the (amazing) restaurant that he manages. It was very nice (we had a $185 bill...) and the food/drinks were wonderful!

I love this jug! I want one in my house! Not to mention the hurricane on the table and the table itself..
See that orangy drink on the left? It won some kind of award in San Fran...Yum

What a great idea, and on the CHEAP! Framed vintage cards!! I see a little antique store hunt in my future....

Governer's room, BREATHTAKING! Check out that limestone fireplace, can I borrow that? That chandelier *sigh* I asked Mike if he thought it would be too big for our guest bedroom. All I got was an eye roll :(

This is Cafe des Amis in San Fran! If you get a chance go there, it is very uppity and my cousin said all the women that come "can barely get in the door because their rings are so big!" But what a great atmosphere.

No I'm not above taking pictures of a beautiful bathroom. I love all the mirrors!

So sweet!

Oh, Hello, Kailey! What, I said I loved the mirrors??!!

Ok, party people. It's getting late. I have jet lag, and I have to work tomorrow mornin'..Plus, the hubster is alredy in bed-o. See yas. Next post will be my New Zealand inspiration! There's a lot to look forward to! YES!

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  1. I love the pic of you and Mike! Framer! Glad you had a wonderful time!