Monday, April 11, 2011

{Best Day}

I had the best day with you today...

We woke up early and you made some omelets for our growling stomachs.  We talked about how the day seems a little longer the earlier you wake up.  (Weird, huh?)

We planted some flowers into the earth.  Including but not limited to:

these gorgeous tulips,

a few hostas...

We put the new screens on the windows.  You mowed, I edged.  You seeded, I planted some more.   

We took a nice walk to the fruit and vegatable stand near our house, with some cash in hand.  We came home with a bunch of goodies....

We were so excited to dig in!

quite possibly the best strawberries ever.
 We munched and chatted while we chopped it all up. 

The conversation continued outside while you grilled and I snuggled under my blanket...

We drank some Red Stripes because it always reminds us of our honeymoon.  We smiled a lot and talked for hours...

I love you and I had the best day with you today :-)

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